Niantic tries to educate reviewers... and fails

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On reddit someone posted that he got an e-mail from Niantic which informed him that he has been reviewing nominations incorrectly. the gave him the advice to look at the criteria again.

How should this vague E-mail should help. If you assume that a reviewer is doing his best effort to review correctly and got something wrong. He won't know what he did wrong. Nantic does not need him to tell that he was wrong. They have to tell hi exactly what nomination he got wrong. Educating would be something like this.

Hey Wayfinder,

you have rejected cycling trails in the past. But those nominations where within our criteria you should have accepted those trail markers.

Niantic has got to tell the reviewers what exactly they dd wrong. Unless this E-Mail is just useless



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    I've had three trail markers declined for temporary/seasonal display despite being a verified trail on google maps.

    I know for a fact it's because of spite voting from the town up north. Tons of people from Glace Bay NS/Sydney NS submit fake stops or their homes. Nearly half of my very strong submissions are declined for hilarious reasons.

    To avoid getting these useless emails, I suggest setting your home location to Toronto ON, and bonus location to New York USA. I was fortunate enough to have a free edit location on my home/bonus after my first 100 reviews more than half were fake submissions and they were getting accepted. Since moving my location my ratio has sky rocketed and I have a good review score and rarely see eevee photos in people's homes going "it's cute thx 4 upvoting"

    Half rant aside if you think the company is ever going to admit fault here or comment on the situation... not gonna happen, they will avoid this like the plague.

    The amount of review cooldowns I get for literally opening wayfarer with a coffee first thing in the morning to do some reviews and get "abnormal activity" on the first review is astounding lmfao.

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    Here in Germany most people still reject falsely, and Niantic has to correct that in Nia Review.

    Sadly there is no change because Niantic doesn't tell these people that they re-reviewed the contribution.

    Personally I would rather see that Niantic does inform everyone that is reviewing incorrectly AND bans these reviewers if they continue that way (Ie 5 strikes)

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    Wouldn't it be nice if Niantic could let all reviewers know what the issues / reasons were for their "incorrect" reviews. My "correct" percentage is currently around 67% and has been for years - I'd like to improve this, but I don't know exactly where I am going wrong.

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    I would guess, accept gr5, gr6, er 7 (think its 7 and 8?) post boxes, I know you won't like it, but as most casual reviewers accept these, you will have been getting hit there

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    All those "Edward the Second" boxes refused probably.......

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    Funnily enough, I had to reject one called Elizabeth the second because it was actually an Edward the 7th

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    to improve your percentage those bad actors that do fake reviews for various reasons should leave wayfarer.

    67% is a good value in my opinion if you keep in mind that many of your reviews might not even been reviewed by a proper amount of people and thus are in the waiting line.

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    Well given that I see many actual fakes as well as huge numbers of ineligible wayspots live in game, I'd say you're probably reviewing correctly and not getting agreements because other reviewers aren't.

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    With regard to your point 2, that really is the crux of the matter. The local community decided that those waypoints in the other thread were ineligible, and that should be that.

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    and again for @ all here - this isnt rocket science. This isnt something you can eat when you starve, and it probly wouldnt help much to people that are at war.

    There is no need to reject a wandering path sign because it is glued onto something, or painted on the tree - it is there so mark a Walking Path / several walking paths that can be looked up quickly.

    There is no need to reject something that wasnt photographed ideally.

    There is no need at all to have never-ending discussions about wether Niantic isnt doing something right, is isnt doing anything at all.

    It is what it is.

    Just hit resubmit and have a great day.

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    Niantic has weighted the risk of

    (a) giving detailed info to someone who doesn't understand what Niantic wants Waypoints to be, AND giving that same info to cheaters who make bots.


    (b) NOT giving detailed info to someone who doesn't understand what Niantic wants (likely losing that reviewer), AND NOT giving that same info to cheaters who make bots.

    They choose option a.

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    Are you using wayfarer+, iitc, or any other app to influence your reviews? (Pin placement, title edits, etc?)

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    And they are relevant how, exactly?

    Why did Niantic decide after 54k reviews to all of a sudden backflip and say "you're doing it all wrong?"

    I look at every particular review that I get by its own merit, whether they are riddled with spelling mistakes or beyond the clearly obvious low quality photo, and whether I used [REDACTED] to enhance my reviewing experience is isolated to my actual reviewing. Is the pin in the middle of the road or the building? Is the title correction something like "LYPTUS WAY PLAYGROUND." instead of Lyptus Way Playground?

    Why would you question me? If you are attempting to theorise my methods when you know very well that I've advocated for action on abuse, reported abusive nominations and have been reviewing MUUUUCH more than you have (likely), it's extremely unlikely it's about any established methods that I've used and gotten used to over the years, only for them to backflip now.

    Whoever is moderating my posts beyond my own recognition, STOP. It is beyond tiring now. Give me an actual answer instead of sitting on corn chips and editing away all my questions. What am I allegedly "incorrectly reviewing?" Or was it because I accepted a nomination because there was a recognisable face head?

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    Germany has had problems with bots rejecting stuff which Niantic was looking in to.

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    By your comments in the forum it's easy to work out that you could improve your rating by not rejecting things that should be accepted like you say you do ;)

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    Seen more than a few wrongly identified ones. Also some fake ones where they can't be confirmed with streetview.

    I find the fake ones entertaining and make voting less monotonous digging them out

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    As I said at the start when we could do appeals, Niantic should have given a reason why they accepted an appeal when it was overturned and an email sent to everyone who rejected that submission with the submission and a acceptance reason.

    Maybe they thought it would be to much spam in the inbox of the serial rejectors here.

    Simple email that could be automated (if wayfarer voted should this be a wayspot =<3, then send email with $reason; else if /null

    $reason = The Description Niantic give to educate people why it was accepted

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    @RandomExploit-ING There are many, many other things I'd want on Lightship's "to do" list - ahead of sending emails to everyone who rejected my 2018 nominations that are now accepted in 2022.

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    While there are many things I would like to see in lightship, i'm not sure any of them come above educating the serial rejectors (and those who simply made a mistake) so that I dont have to resubmit something five times and then go to appeal, waiting a year to get a valid submission through. I need 4 times the amount of appeals we get a month at least as well, so always going to be a backlog.

    If voters get educated by appeal acceptence reason emails, it saves all that hassle on future submissions. If they still reject it can then be considered malice and action can be taken.

    POI database grows, less people's time wasted in submitting and voting, everyone's happy except the serial rejectors who's happiness I couldn't care less about.

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