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My Wayfarer profile has been reset to Zero resulting in the lost of Platinum medal of Wayfarer

JocelynLc-PGOJocelynLc-PGO Posts: 2 ✭✭

I have achieved 15,664 OPR Agreements until the end of 2020 and have kept wayfarer rating as “Great” since the end of 2018.

I have got Onyx medal of Recon (Fig.1) and got the Platinum medal of Wayfarer (Fig.2) when wayfarer released to Pokémon GO trainers. Figure 3 shows I have over 20,000 reviews and over 100 upgrades.

Fig.1 Screenshot in Ingress today

Fig.2 Screenshot in Pokémon GO in the end of 2020

Fig.3 My Wayfarer profile in the end of 2020

But since the end of 2020 I have found that I have lost my Platinum medal of Wayfarer in Pokémon GO. My records in both Pokémon GO and Wayfarer have been reset to ZERO. (Fig. 4 & 5)

Fig.4 Screenshot in Pokémon GO today

Fig.5 Screenshot in Wayfarer today

I confirm that both of my Ingress and Pokémon GO have been linked to the same Google account.

It is certainly not a temporary server update issue. I have already submitted ticket in the middle of 2021 but have got no response until now. I don't know whether it is recoverable but I hope I could get the attention of the Support and receive a satisfying response. Thank you very much.

Device: All devices accessible to Wayfarer and the Games

OS: iOS, Android, Windows

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