location sensitive? Low Quality photo?

I don't know but it seems to me that the reviewers lately are getting a little out of hand. I mean I'm just seeing constant rejection criteria that's questionable after questionable. This clearly is a state recognized Park which is clearly seeable via satellite imaging. so it's unfathomable to me that this would be marked as a sensitive location. You look at these photos they're clearly not poor quality. at least that's my opinion. Eventually I plan on appealing this one unless you guys don't think I should feedback please


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    Like Himillsy-PGO said, it just not really interesting enough to become a POI. It's not really a pavilion, it's a locker room, you said it yourself. And your photo don't show the front of it so low quality photo seems to be correct rejection too. And you again didn't show your nomination on support photo, we mentioned it to you that it's important to do it.

    And I agree with Himillsy-PGO, that it might be better for you to look for some other place to nominate things. I know that in one of your other threads someone show you screenshot of this park with cells visible on it, and most of them are already occupied, so if you're lucky maybe you will get 2-3 more POIs in PoGo if you find something interesting and eligible in free cells to nominate, with other you won't get anything in your game.

    We also explained to you how it works before, that only one POI for cell will be visible in PoGo (and that clusters were made with abuse that Niantic stopped some time ago and now it's impossible to make new clusters like that), so spamming nominations of anything from park won't give you much more POIs in your game, and will give you just more frustrations.

    So, look very closely at this park and free cells in it, find one eligible thing in them to nominate (if there is something eligible) and try to nominate it. If there isn't anything like that anymore, it's just better to look for another area to nominate, that don't have POIs in your game.

    And I also agree that some of your recently nominated things are just ineligible (like these generic benches you nominated), it's better to remove them before they go in voting, as you will just get rejection for them and waste your and reviewers time. I think you might be too focused on this park and you start to spam nominations with anything you find in it (eligible or not eligible), and it's not really a good idea. Changing submission location might help you with your frustration too.

    Good luck with your nominations, I hope you will have better luck next time.

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    ok well i thought memorial benches, wouldn't get flagged for other rejection criteria, but i will take your advice and move from the park, Yes too many in close proximity anyway. Most of the benches all have memorial plaques on them, so I didn't view them as generic but alas too many in the cells.

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    Memorial benches can be eligible for a famous person, like actor or someone who really is known in local community for doing some amazing things and you can give proof in support text to some links or articles about this person that shows this person really did something important for local community and it's not some random memorial benches someone bought for they family member.

    Other memorial benches aren't really eligible, if you can't proof that person did something to be remembered in local community or in bigger area.

    But at first glance it looks like you nominated normal benches - your title should be the first thing that will mention that these are memorial benches (and should mention for who this memorial bench is dedicated, like for example "James Smith Memorial Bench"). You did a poor job with title calling them "Airport Park Bench 1" and "Airport Park Bench 2", as on your screenshot they don't look like memorial bench too.

    Maybe they could be eligible, but it's best to edit they titles for something more personal for each person.

    But good luck with other area to nominate, this park is really almost full and looking for another area to nominate is really good idea :)

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