Private residence or school, rejection?

I'm seriously not trying to be a pest but if you look on Google Street View or the satellite this clearly is not a school and it clearly not a private residence .


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    Are you venting frustrations, or do you have a specific ask?

    It's well-known that rejection reasons can be unreliable. In this case it looks like the correct rejection reason could be "Temporary or seasonal". Based on street view for the location it looks like this rotates regularly rather than being permanent.

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    No this place and these decorations have been the same for years. but i can see how someone might think it temporary. I just think the rejection criteria was rediculous.

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    Sorry, but Hosette-ING is right that it's temporary and is changed quite often. When you look at streetview, you can see that in 2019 windows had different decoration (possibly for Halloween as streetview is from September), when you check older streetview (from 2018) decoration is different too.

    For sure you can say that this place made decorations on windows for years, but it definetly isn't the same decoration for all these years, so temporary rejection would be correct. You got some random rejections here (maybe you would see different one if you refreshed page with your nomination, it does happens sometimes), but still it is not really eligible for being temporary and seasonal rejection reasons.

    You can try to nominate the restaurant itself if it's a popular local place and you can proof it to reviewers (I saw it's a local place not from any chain restaurant and has pretty nice reviews in tripadvisor and restaurantji sites). Nominating restaurants might be tricky as you need to give reviewers reasons why it's a popular place, but it should be easier to get it accepted as restaurant rather than painted window art.

    I just tell you this for all your recent nominations - if you want to nominate buisness, it has to be either a popular local restaurant/cafe/bar or a buisness that offers something more for community than just basic services that buisiness like that offers.

    For buisness nominations, you might nominate something like: local comic and board games shop that apart from selling comics and games also has some meetings for comic fans or have something like "board game nights" - something that allows locals to meet and have fun. Some bars organise sports meetings for fans of local sports teams, and it would also be something that would help getting a bar like this approved. Some florist's offers a special meetings where they teach locals how to make amazing flower vase bouquets, or just held local gardens club meetings. Places that do something for local community like that can be eligible, if you give enough proof for things they offer apart from they basic services, they can be accepted.

    But places like dentist's office, vet's office, optician, butcher's shop or regular shop aren't really eligible, as they almost never offer anything more that they basic services. For buisness to be eligible it has to offer something more to community. In some locations barber shop is often a local place of meeting, and might be eligible for these places if you give enough proof for reviewers, but in most places most barber shops aren't eligible (in my area they're not local meeting places, you get your hair cut and go out, you don't really talk with other clients here, especially now as because of covid clients often are signed up for a different time so they won't meet in the shop).

    I'm very happy that you want to add some more POI for your local community, and I hope my post don't discourage you to still look for something nice to get accepted, but you must look a bit more critically on things you want to nominate, as not all of things that you think are eligible will be eligible by Niantic rules that reviewers know.

    The most obvious and easy to get accepted things are monuments, churches, fountains, playgrounds (not on school ground), sports fields (not on school ground), culural places (like museum, theater, cinema etc.), murals (not illegal graffiti), parks (if they have a plaque or something as anchor for them, like gazebo), outdoor gyms or historical information board/nature board. Other things (like trail markers, restaurants/bars, some local shops that offers something nice for community, park without any anchor for it etc.) are often harder to get accepted (sometimes it depends of location where you nominate, or enough proof you gave reviewers). So if you don't have around the easiest things to get accepted, you must be prepared that you might get a lot of rejections.

    I hope it will be easier for you to nominate and to get something accepted soon. If you're not sure if somoething is eligible, it might be a good idea to ask on forum before you nominate it, you might get some nice tips that helps get something accepted at first try :)


    If that window art is the same after halloween and you can prove it isn't different I will stop reviewing for life(have reviewed over 60,000 poi noms).

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    Yeah I wasn't exactly sure about the dog waste Station, I just kind of figured that I just for the heck of it. I appreciate your Insight @Maxyme99-PGO .

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