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Hebrew text displayed backwards

@NianticTintino @NianticDanbocat @NianticGiffard


I would like to bring more awareness to this bug that has existed for YEARS.

Sadly, all the details have been already reported and ignored by your team here.


The reporter of this bug has been very friendly and patient, but I'm here to express my deep disappointment from the way you COMPLETELY ignore this issue, that has been around for years (if not from the first day of the game!), and impacting, so it seems, Ingress, Pokemon Go (and possibly Wizards Unite), AND not only the hebrew text, but also from what was reported the arabic text as well (which covers slightly bigger territory and affects a bit more people, than our clearly insignificant community here in Israel)

This is the most basic problem that programmers learn to deal with when they learn coding, it's called Charset Encoding, so please dont tell us how it's under investigation and hard to fix. I thought Niantic was created by Google devs.. no? you only pump our personal details to them? ok.

Sadly I dont expect this to ever be fixed, therefor..

To any player who'll see this post in the future, USE ENGLISH when submitting/updating.

To the Niantic devs, all I have left to say is that if you dont care about the quality of your product, why sould we the players invest our time in improving submitions? wasting our time for free to review submitions? wasting our time submitting VR scans of locations for your buziness benefit?

We deserve better.

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