What is the cut off time for an appeal to be submitted?

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If a Waypoint was removed from the games, how long do we get to appeal this removal?


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    I don't think there is any time limit. But you are best to figure out under what criteria it was removed under and try to show countering evidence. All too often, we see people relying on "whoever reported it is bad/abusive," style arguments which Niantic typically ignores. Another significant cause for removals are Wayspots on the edges of private residential property or school grounds. Some people have a particularly hard time understanding that anything on the outside faces of walls or fences are still part of the property. And the third is generally pedestrian access. There should be a clear pedestrian pathway next to the object or the object is in an area where pedestrians are intended to be in.

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    I'm pretty sure this was removed as a duplicate. The trouble is, it was the original of the two Waypoints in question, and was also in the more accurate location and had the correct title. The one we're left with has the wrong title and a more inaccurate location.

    Under normal circumstances I would've just submitted edits for the remaining waypoint so that it's in the right location with the right title, but the issue is that the deleted waypoint was a Pokémon gym on one side of the border of an S14 cell, and the incorrect waypoint is on the other side of the border of this cell, so even if I did fix it with edits, it would be a different gym with a different badge, even if I gave it the same name. It would be much more preferable if the old gym could be reinstated, and the incorrect POI that's the actual duplicate of the two be removed instead, to avoid the duplication of a gym badge and the resetting of progress on getting it gold for everyone in the community.

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    If Appealed it may still not reappear as a Pokémon gym if another gym has taken its place (may only return as a pokestop). You would need to earn another gym.

    However this did occur (Ours wasn't a duplicate, just a Post office that Moved locations) for my community and we were able to get enough new locations approved that the From Pokestop to Gym to removed to then only a ingress portal - then a pokestop became a gym again, and the gym badge returned to those who had it prior.

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    Good Luck however

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