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Hey all,

Quick question regarding how many photo upvotes are needed in Pokémon Go to change the photo for gyms. I’ve had some change with just one vote and others are up by 3 votes and still not changing so I was wondering what the criteria is for this. Regular stops don’t seem to have this issue for me. It’s time to replace the old photos that are outdated and/or that of horrible quality that the ingress users posted when the games first came out.


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    Have you checked the votes in Ingress? The gym photos might have a lot more votes in that game. I assume the photo updates based on the total across games, but I could be wrong.

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    Niantic broke out the votes by game so that PokeMonGo votes would affect PokeMonGo, and Ingress upvotes only affects Ingress.

    Please don't spam Ingress photo likes any more than they were before the games' votes were split. It's already bad enough when a solitary bad picture has 28 upvotes, so there's no point in submitting a better photo.

    Photo likes should just mean that you like the photo. Some of us like photography, and want the prettiest picture (best representation) as primary - where it shows on your scanner, keys, link possibilities carousel, etc.

    I blame Niantic for crewing up their own photo database, by using its thumbs up for something besides liking the photo. But still, the creative side of me wants to contribute, and see my contributions in game.

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    The ingress photos have less likes than the Pokémon go one so that’s why I’m puzzled on why it’s not working. These typically only have a few votes max in ingress since no one plays it around here. Even in Pokémon go it’s just usually 1 upvote.

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    It isn't always consistent, I've noticed several that I've tried upvoting refuse to switch while others do immediately.

    I've heard theorized that forcing an edit such as adding a description can update the photo, but I haven't tried it and don't recommend unless it's a value add contribution.

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    I’ve had one get switched to and back from a photo within just a day of the votes changing so it’s interesting how it works.

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    It is frustrating when you submit a much improved picture and even when it is clearly more popular via thumbs up in either or both games it doesn’t update. I’ve updated some recently because the weather has been good and my camera is significantly better so the image is clearer and better lit. Still showing the poorer photo 🤷‍♀️

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    I know that everyone is saying that Niantic changed photo's likes so likes on photos from Ingress and PoGO are separated and you can change photo on different games separately with they own likes, but from my experience it's just not true. It's not working like that, and below is my explanation why I think it's not working.

    I live near a not so big town, where Ingress community seems to stopped playing a few years ago (or there is maybe 1-2 people that still play, as my community tried to look for Ingress players a few times to meet them and we couldn't find anyone, there also isn't any Ingress local groups on facebook or anywhere else). But there was a community that added some portals and pictures on them, and put likes on them some time ago.

    Because of these old likes on photos from Ingress it's almost impossible to change photo in PoGo on pokestops that comes from these old portals. My community added new photos to older POIs to replace blurry photos or out of date photos (we got a few historical places that were renovated and looks much better now than a few years ago, we wanted to show it in game too), and for some POIs it took only 2-3 likes to change photo to better one. But for some POIs we had to like them a lot more - for a few (that also are gyms, so it says for sure they got the most likes in Ingress in this area) it took from 9 to 12 PoGo players to like new photo to finally put new photo as main photo in PoGo (it might not be so much in your opinion, but it's not that big community, and getting that many people to like new photo took a lot of time and effort).

    It wasn't only one or two POIs that we had a problem like that (and not all of them were gyms too, some are normal but old pokestops in PoGo), there are still a few that we wanted to put better photo on and they have a lot likes on one photo and zero likes on the old photo (in PoGo) and still photo didn't changed in game (even if you look it gallery, and it's on first place in it).

    I also noticed when I got to review some nominations from this city, than when I look at duplicate map, photo of POIs that got new main photo in PoGo also shows in wayfarer with this new photo visible in PoGo. So from my experiences it looks like these likes aren't really separated for PoGo, Ingress or any other games - sure, you can see likes only from game you play on photos, but if you want to choose main photo for POI, all likes from all games still counts for it. So, it looks like it wasn't separated at all, or it's just not working as it supposed to work.

    To answer OP question: If you want to be sure how many likes you need to give a new photo for it to become main one, the best would be to ask someone who plays Ingress to check how many likes the old photo has, and then you must find enough players in PoGo that would like the new photo at least one like more than the old photo has likes in Ingress (so if photo in Ingress havs 4 likes, you need to give new one a least 5 likes in PoGo). It seems it's still counts all likes from all games, and only giving new photo more likes that older photo has in both games will allow it to change.

    Maybe I am wrong on this and someone have better explanation for it, but it really looks like likes on both games still count to change main photo of POI.

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    I've also experienced this. I added a photo to a nearby tennis club as they had a new sign installed that was brighter and generally a much better picture candidate than the previous sign, and when my new photo was approved, it only updated in Pokémon Go once it had the most up votes in both Pokémon Go and in Ingress. During the period where it had more up votes in Pokémon Go but the old sign had more up votes in Ingress, the photo was still displaying as the old sign in both games.

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    Photos have been messed up in Ingress for months - not adding to portals unless liked in Pokemon Go, etc. It may be a year now, idr. But you can change the photo in Pokemon Go simply with likes in that game. Since the way the photos are displayed makes different aspects look better in the different games, I think that is a good thing.

    Giving the photo one more like than others in Pokemon Go is sometimes not enough, though. Get several people to vote on the photo you want to see on the disc. You can also get friends (I think level 38 and higher though) to thumb's up it through a gift you send them. I usually get two or three votes on the clearly better photo.

    This does pertain to Wayfarer in that Wayfarer seems to show the Pokemon Go photo now when the Ingress photo is different, as I learned doing location correction edits.

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    Y'all are telling stories from back when new photos appeared in Ingress. That means your stories are older than the upvote breakout between games. It's been six months (or more) since new pictures went on portals.

    And yes, different photos look better in different games. Ingress chops a third off the top, so the subject needs to be lower in the original frame to allow for that. Even just for picking the best picture, the voting should be separate.

    Photo voting should not be applied to game-related dynamics. But if Niantic does it anyway, the voting should be separate to the game being affected by the votes. I'm sure they announced that it is.

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    My experience with the photo not updating in Pokémon Go until it had enough up votes in both Pokémon Go and Ingress was with a photo that was accepted on February 1st 2022.

    I know that it's intended that each game's photo up votes don't have a knock on effect on the other game, and that it should be possible for each game to have different primary photos for the wayspot, but I also know that this is not what appears to be happening local to me.

    We already know that there's a bug with new photos submitted through Ingress, so it's not exactly a stretch to imagine that the intended behaviour of each game having its own primary photo is bugged as well.

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    We have the same thing here, it's really disturbing to have ugly photos especially since in PoGo we sent gifts and some POIs really don't make you want to. We tried everything more inches on PoGo, we struggled to take new photos, brighter, better quality and more beautiful but they always remain behind even if the number of inches is first, it's disappointing…

    For example:

    location: (48.8404260, 2.2303360)

    Other Exemple:

    location: (48.8414700, 2.2250460)

    the photo of the POI is also taken from Street View....

    @NianticGiffard or other Niantic admin: Do you have a solution ? Thx you so much ☺️

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    Doesn't they say the "What is it?" category will (or at least) determine which Wayspots will turned into Gyms in PGO?

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    we just want to refresh the photos, so that they are more current and above all prettier because it is ugly to send gifts with poor quality, dark photos that do not make you want to come and visit our city... old photos are mostly outdated, not representative, it's time to restore beauty to places, to art, I find and several of my PoGo friends are trying to make our neighborhood, our city more attractive, by offering more beautiful pictures.

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    I think it's another aspect of the game, making people want to come and discover your city or at least show it as you know it, and thus show your favorite corners or unmissable places in their best light. So when you try to do your best to improve the game through photos for example and it doesn't update, it's a bit frustrating and disappointing. Because you want to move forward and make the game better but you stay put and unfortunately nothing is moving forward, it's a bit like running in place, without moving forward. I don't know if I'm making myself understood 😅

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