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Appeal stuck in Niantic Voting for too long

Gobl1nK1ng-PGOGobl1nK1ng-PGO Posts: 35 ✭✭

I've had a few appeals move through fairly quickly (within a day or 2) but this one has been sitting there for about 2 months (Date listed is when the nomination was initially submitted not when it went into voting).

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  • Griffinfinity-INGGriffinfinity-ING Posts: 54 ✭✭✭✭
    edited May 2022

    There seems to be an issue with some Appeals that went In Voting in April. I have two Appeals In Voting since April. I know multiple people in the same situation that have some of their Appeals from April not completed. Meanwhile, new Appeals have already entered In Voting and completed without issue. Can someone make sure all the Appeals from April that went In Voting are reviewed in a timely manner?

  • Gobl1nK1ng-PGOGobl1nK1ng-PGO Posts: 35 ✭✭

    Still sitting there a week later. Anyone know how to get someone to actually look to see if there is an issue?

  • tp235-INGtp235-ING Posts: 1,357 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Niantic will not respond to inquiries about individual appeals.

    Also, for a short time after the appeal system was launched, there was probably a huge backlog of appeals, as a bug meant that appeals that should have been possible only once every 30 days were possible once every day.

    Also, since the appeal system is not what we originally expected and is only being done by Niantic staff on a one-sided basis, there is a good chance that the situation could be the same as it was before September 2015 (waiting years), so it would be faster to re-nominate if it were in your own neighborhood.

  • Gobl1nK1ng-PGOGobl1nK1ng-PGO Posts: 35 ✭✭

    I've had several appeals reviewed and accepted within a matter of days once it enters niantic voting. This is the only one that has shown it is in niantic review for 2 months. So while what you're saying may be true it is not really the question I am asking here. I'm also not asking for anyone to look at individual appeals, I'm asking how to get someone to take a look at the system to see if there is an issue because this one is obviously "stuck".

  • cyndiepooh-INGcyndiepooh-ING Posts: 1,239 ✭✭✭✭✭

    There may be an issue with some taken in early April. I had one taken April 15 that I thought would be an easy decision, but I have not received an answer on that one. Have had 8 appeals taken and processed since this one was taken into review.

  • KangasWrong-PGOKangasWrong-PGO Posts: 3 ✭✭

    I too have an appeal stuck in voting since April

  • rodensteiner-INGrodensteiner-ING Posts: 1,686 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I think even if the community would make their own "wayfarer" and launch it with an app/website, this would be quicker than everything that Niantic is doing here (not).

  • Gobl1nK1ng-PGOGobl1nK1ng-PGO Posts: 35 ✭✭

    So there is no way to get a mod to take a look and see if there is an actual issue here with appeals put into niantic voting back in April and still not approved or rejected?

  • HankWolfman-PGOHankWolfman-PGO Posts: 4,655 ✭✭✭✭✭

    We can try tagging @NianticDanbocat @NianticTintino and @NianticGiffard to see if they have anything to say about your issue. It does seem strange that they've been in Niantic Voting for 2 months. Most appeals don't tend to take more than a week to reach a decision once Niantic are actually looking at them from what I've seen.

  • I understand your concern, @Gobl1nK1ng-PGO. We are taking steps to reduce the time taken for reviews. Also, we are prioritizing the oldest appeals in the queues for analysis. Please be patient and you should see the changes reflected shortly, I appreciate your understanding.

  • cyndiepooh-INGcyndiepooh-ING Posts: 1,239 ✭✭✭✭✭

    @NianticGiffard the issue is not about appeals not going into voting, it is about not getting an answer on ones that specifically were taken into Niantic Voting on or about April 15, 2022. Our best working theory is that someone pulled these to review that day, then quit, and no one else took their case load. I think in general y'all are doing a fine job making a decision once you pull the appeal into voting.

  • NianticGiffardNianticGiffard Posts: 9,164 admin
    edited June 2022

    I got your point there. By "Also, we are prioritizing the oldest appeals in the queues for analysis" I didn't mean the nominations in the "In queue" stage but the appeals that are currently in line to be reviewed by our concerned team. Such appeals will be always shown as "In Voting" with the Niantic logo as shown in the screenshot above. There might be a delay but we'll ensure to speed up this process.

  • Gobl1nK1ng-PGOGobl1nK1ng-PGO Posts: 35 ✭✭

    Thanks for the info. I just don't understand how this one could show that its been in voting for over 2 months while I've had several go into voting after this with a decision made. Is there a way for you to look in the database to see if it actually still shows as being "in voting"? My concern is that it, and others that were moved into voting near the same time, aren't actually in voting but because of a glitch, they will never move into voting.

  • grsmhiker-INGgrsmhiker-ING Posts: 172 ✭✭✭✭

    I've never had any appeals move into voting; I made 2 in September last year, one in March, and one in April. Is this timeframe typical?

  • cyndiepooh-INGcyndiepooh-ING Posts: 1,239 ✭✭✭✭✭

    fyi i got a decision on my stuck one today

  • Gobl1nK1ng-PGOGobl1nK1ng-PGO Posts: 35 ✭✭

    @NianticGiffard this is not working as intended and I'd appreciate it if you'd dig deeper into the problem. This appeal has been stuck in niantic review for over 3 months. I just had another appeal taken into niantic review and received a decision on that appealed review within a week.

  • herger1981-PGOherger1981-PGO Posts: 26 ✭✭

    Yeah,i think the System is not FIFO(first in first out).i have the same problem older appeals are not come in voting,New come fast in voting.

  • Gobl1nK1ng-PGOGobl1nK1ng-PGO Posts: 35 ✭✭

    @NianticGiffard have you looked into this at all? I’d understand if this was a normal submission sitting in voting for this length of time but on an appeal that goes through “niantic voting” I wouldn’t expect it to take over 4 months for a decision to be made. I also can’t believe mine is the only one with this issue.

  • rodensteiner-INGrodensteiner-ING Posts: 1,686 ✭✭✭✭✭

    i cannot see that there is anyone working off the Appeals queue atm.

  • cyndiepooh-INGcyndiepooh-ING Posts: 1,239 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2022

    @NianticGiffard I hope I did not derail this bug by saying that mine finally processed. Other people still have appeals taken into Niantic Voting during this process* that have not received a decision. Could you please check into this bug again?

    *period not process - did i just derail it again=(

    Post edited by cyndiepooh-ING on
  • I understand your concern folks. To let you know, the appeals are quasi-randomly to concerned team members.

    I would suggest waiting for a couple of days and you will be notified of the final outcome through an email. Reiterating what I said above, reviewed times are not guaranteed but we have already taken steps to reduce the review time and prioritize the oldest appealed nominations.

  • niktero-PGOniktero-PGO Posts: 369 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2022

    The time from appeal submission to appeal resolution is not the issue we are talking about here. We understand that there is a large backlog on this new system with limited employees so most people are patiently waiting.

    The issue is that in the past we watched appeals move into niantic voting and then reach a resolution within 24hr to a week. Appeals that entered Niantic voting in early April are not following this pattern and have been labeled as "in Niantic voting" for 3 1/2 months.

    Did they fall in a hole and get lost? Are they in an employee's voting queue who no longer works with Niantic? Either way they appear to be bugged.

  • Tntnnbltn-INGTntnnbltn-ING Posts: 804 Ambassador

    @Gobl1nK1ng-PGO Tagging you in case you did not see the update from @NianticGiffard

    Is your stuck appeal still ‘In Voting’ by Niantic? I am aware that it was already been In Voting for months, but @NianticGiffard suggested “waiting for a couple of days and you will be notified of the final outcome through an email”.

    It has been a “couple of days” since he posted that, and I was hoping to get an update from you whether you received a resolution as indicated.

  • Griffinfinity-INGGriffinfinity-ING Posts: 54 ✭✭✭✭

    It's now 4 months since two of my Appeals went In Voting. They have not completed. 4 months later, I've had multiple Appeals being taken In Voting and completing within weeks after these Appeals. None of them have taken months. The common denominator has been the date at which the Appeals were taken. This should be an issue if the problems exists with a subset that were taken during the same time period. This has happened to multiple people and it's related only to a certain April time period. While I understand that Appeals are now being processed by oldest Appeal nominations, these Appeals seem to have been made BEFORE other Appeals that I have appealed at later date that have now completed. Can you please at least check one Appeal made by someone who has posted in this thread and verify that it has been correctly assigned and prioritized and not stuck in a random unseen queue?

  • Tntnnbltn-INGTntnnbltn-ING Posts: 804 Ambassador

    @NianticGiffard The above user has had two appeals In Voting by Niantic for four months now. You said to wait "a couple of days", and that was a couple of days ago. This did not change anything for the user and their appeals are still stuck.

    Meanwhile, I had an appeal enter Niantic voting and come to a resolution in 48 hours. And that was after your post saying steps have been taken to reduce the review time and prioritize the oldest appealed nominations.

    How come my appeal, which had been in voting for just a few days, was resolved faster than @Griffinfinity-ING's appeal which had been in voting for 120 days?

    It appears that the prioritisation process is not working, so what will be the next step in the bug investigation process?

  • Gobl1nK1ng-PGOGobl1nK1ng-PGO Posts: 35 ✭✭

    Mine is still stuck in voting. I think @NianticGiffard may be slightly confused on the complain/concern here. I understand there is a huge backlog of appeals so it takes time for any appeal to reach the "voting" stage. However, this has now been in the voting stage, which should only take 24 hours - a week max, for 4 months. Based on other posts, I am not the only one that has this issue.

  • Gobl1nK1ng-PGOGobl1nK1ng-PGO Posts: 35 ✭✭

    Still sitting there in niantic voting after 4 months. Is 4 months enough time for you to accept that there is an issue here @NianticGiffard ?

  • Tntnnbltn-INGTntnnbltn-ING Posts: 804 Ambassador

    @NianticGiffard In the time since you posted requesting people wait an additional few days, I have had four appeals enter voting AND reach a resolution.

    Meanwhile, users how have had their appeals in voting for now four months have still not received a reply.

    I got your point there. By "Also, we are prioritizing the oldest appeals in the queues for analysis" I didn't mean the nominations in the "In queue" stage but the appeals that are currently in line to be reviewed by our concerned team. Such appeals will be always shown as "In Voting" with the Niantic logo as shown in the screenshot above. There might be a delay but we'll ensure to speed up this process.

    How can my appeals, which entered voting a few days ago, be reaching resolutions when others who have had theirs in voting for months still have not?

    Can I please request that you escalate this matter to the appropriate people on the team, as the response for the last two months has been to remain patient, despite there clearly being an issue that requires resolution.

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