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Hello there!

hopefully one of the NIA staff can review this location edit appeal and move the POI to its designated location. If a photo would be helpful/required I could provide one within the next days.

Title of the Wayspot: Veizāna deju skola

Location current (wrong):

56.968937, 24.165399

Location correct (target):

56.969052, 24.165642

City: Rīga

Country: Latvia

Photos to support your claim:

Original portal location was this concrete wall with graffiti of the name of the dance school.

Arrows show direction of this wall.

Red circle is currently (wrong) location, on the corner of gray brick building. That is the actual dance school.

Graffiti is located right in front of entrance of dance school, so it's not possible that is located on the corner of wrong wall.

Additional information: the POI in fact is graffiti wall located right outside the main entrance of dance school

Thank you!

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