Wasted nominations because of bad reviewing (?

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I'm opening this thread because I've recently gotten several rejections by some "non-sense" reasons. I think I'm nominating correctly according to the guidelines, but I don't know.

What do you think? If there's a way to improve or something, please comment below.

Nomination 1: Informative map inside the Supermarket.

Rejection criteria: Not important or significant, other rejection criteria, low quality photo.

Support photo: Showing the surroundings.

It's actually interesting that street view does exist in this supermarket. AND AS YOU CAN SEE, I have 3 more rejected ones, obviously in the different entrances. They've been always there since the supermarket was built. So idk what I am doing wrong.

I actually have one accepted, which is in the entrance #1.

The main photo helps to show the object and not to use it as "guide", so the "low quality photo" is ridiculous to me.


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