Tired of Ingress Stealing my Approved Nominations

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As you can guess, I do not play ingress. When I nominate, the ideal weather for best light and blue sky is summer. So I want good pictures. Multiple times I’ve had nominations approved only for them to go to Ingress and not GO.

It’s hot outside. I do not waste my time for a game I do not care about. I nominate to improve areas for the PoGO community. Ingress can share IF GO gets it.

I got this approved recently

Saddlebrook West Bike Path #9

(38.9991694, -76.7459272)

It went to Ingress.

This one has been in GO for a while

Saddlebrook West Bike Path #3

(38.9993395, -76.7460134)

But due to a move edit or incorrect placement, it appears in the street instead of off the street which you can see the top of the sign if you zoom in. I’ve been trying to place it in the correct spot.

The next closest active POI was

Saddlebrook West Basketball Court

(38.9989511, -76.7456388)

This was a mistake that didn’t get rejected and it was a private residential basketball half-court. It only went to Ingress anyway. Ingress players sure abused it knowing it was not meant to be in game. We had it removed after we realized it wasn’t the HOA office. We had to use the Google Doc method as creating a lvl 1 Ingress account doesn’t seem to take reports seriously.

I don’t follow the cell stuff as people tend to fib locations to get new things approved. I put it exactly where it is. #9 should have been in GO because there is plenty of distance between it and #3 and the next closest one to where #9 should be is

Stretch Pole Exercise Station

(38.9988390, -76.7458581)

So there is plenty of room for #9 to be in GO. What irks me about this is that these two

Saddlebrook West Bike Path #6 and also #7

(39.0003273, -76.7460583)

Have two active POIs in GO and are are not too close together. Both are stops, and it works fine for the walking path in the area.

Ingress should not be getting things GO does not. It honestly makes nominating less appealing when the popular game gets robbed of a legit POI.

Niantic, you have it set up poorly in the current system. If it’s submitted in Ingress, Ingress should get it, and then the other games should if eligible. If submitted in GO and is approved, it needs to be in GO. Stealing it for Ingress is a rip-off and a waste of our time to use our work and efforts for a game we don’t play and technically a game that is somehow still surviving. I’m surprised HPWU ended but Ingress did not.

Here is another, older wayspot that Ingress stole but I submitted in GO.


(39.0003101, -76.7425168)

We also have an exercise station stolen by Ingress but not in GO, too. The GO players are doing all the work but Ingress players are reaping all the rewards. I would like to be able to remove here locations and resubmit them or something to get them in GO. What is the incentive for us to continue to explore and nominate if it doesn’t benefit the game we play? Ingress can share it, sure, but that game does not get to be the only one to have my work. I do not agree nor do I consent to letting Ingress have it only. It’s either in GO or NO.

Please consider giving POIs submitted by GO players to GO. It is disheartening and frustrating to do all the work with signal issues, heat, waiting for approvals and all, only to have it stolen by a game that is pretty much obsolete compared to GO which made Niantic what it is today.

I would like to go into my lvl 1 ingress account to remove the wayspots in an attempt to resubmit and get in GO but there is no option to remove it for theft. I’ve seen many frustrated by this. The reason wayfarer is so slow at getting approvals is because we work hard to nominated and review, and we lose our work to a game we didn’t know existed until GO came out.

Please consider restoring approved wayspots from GO players to GO. If ingress wants sole custody, let those players submit them instead. They can do the work.

Also note, I’ve seen many wayspots and gyms literally stacked on top of one another. How is that fair?

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    Cool, but that doesn’t apply to everyone as far as intent behind nominations. All of the locations I’ve put in are at least 10m apart. But I walk around to do the effort in GO. So I would like to reap the benefits of my work. It’s hot out, my knee aches, and yet I do it. I do not work for free. If ingress wants to share my work, cool. But after it goes in GO. I would rather it not exist than be out of the game most people play as far as Niantic games are concerned.

    Many GO players feel ripped off when they work hard for Ingress to get everything. Ingress is only alive because of GO I suspect. But that doesn’t mean it gets priority when the majority of the players never heard of Ingress until after GO came out.

    If Ingress wants that portal only in that game, they can go and submit it themselves. But I make an effort to help the GO community and ingress can share in my work, but not take full custody of it. I’m the one making the effort. I’m the one who gets to say whether or not my work can be represented in an irrelevant game.

    There are 2 ingress players in the area where I live. Before I moved here, they had 2 portals. One was a stop, one was a gym in GO. I increased that number to over 20 total combined. They were here for years prior and so were the real world objects the portals represent. There’s no reason why they didn’t put them in prior.

    I don’t mind sharing, but I do mind being taken advantage of when I work for no reward.

    I get ingress players started a lot but that’s because GO wasn’t around first. Pokémon is older than ingress after all. And not all of the original stops are from ingress. They were taken from databases that had gps locations linked to them. All those ugly, green-tinted, sun-faded park signs? What camera does that? None. We’ve replaced each one we find, as GO players, at least when out raiding.

    GO has not only surpassed Ingress in every way, but it’s also made the game obsolete. More players play GO, more nominate via GO, more scan AR stuff via GO. A lot of these locations would not have existed if it wasn’t for GO. I would say the amount of wayspots more than doubled since GO came out.

    With that, I believe Niantic should make us feel appreciated for the hard work we are doing. We go out and find stuff, get good pictures, and more, we should be able to reap the benefits. GO is more popular so it makes sense to get MORE stuff in GO.

    Or if it doesn’t get in GO, give us the option to decline putting it in other games. As I said, and all other GO players will agree with me, we do not mind sharing our work, but we do not like taking it and giving it to something else. We did the work. We have to deal with the bots and trolls and bad reviewers on wayfarer. We deserve to be rewarded with something in the game we play.

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    Cool, that needs to be in every nomination as a disclaimer or we can change our mind if we are told where it will and will not go.

    I agree, but not at the expense of it not going to the game that benefits me, my friends, my community, or even my family.

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    Thunderstorm going on so post doesn’t appear. Hope a bunch of repeats won’t show up. Not my intention. Changed to computer to try as it’s hardwired instead of wifi.

    Look, not one GO player wants to do the work to nominate, go through the stresses of wayfarer, to not have it go into GO after being approved. Sharing is great. Do that instead. But it’s not kind to get someone to do all the work and not reward them. We wouldn’t do the work. We already work enough irl and are underpaid and over taxed. Lol

    Perhaps make a new kind of wayspot in GO. My kid is playing Pokémon Sword currently. They have trees you shake for berries. There we go. Berry trees in GO to make up for the missing stops/gyms. Not only does this use all of our work, it adds variety to the game, and it gives a way to diversify items depending on what you spin. Maybe a surprise encounter like in Legends Arceus.

    GO loosely pulls from the main games, but there’s a lot more it can do.

    I went for a year plus without nominating. Not only is the process frustrating, but to get a good pic, you need good weather and the sun to be in the right place. Our area may be unique in that we had local player(s) who were troll-rejecting the nominations for this area via multiple accounts. That’s been taken care of by Niantic I heard, which is why I went out to nominate.

    This area, set up by ingress players, had 2 portals. That’s it. There’s a potential for around 40 here. It was myself and a couple others who put in the rest and are waiting in queue for more. I solicited their help, but we all play GO. The one Ingress player here benefits from all the work I did. Yet they participated in troll-rejecting. They also play GO. Made no sense.

    I am down with other games sharing what I put into GO, but he key word is “sharing”. And every GO player who has made such an effort agrees that they want to benefit the game they play for their community, not some other game alone.

    There needs to be a better method, and the berry plant may be it. But, getting a bad rejection reason, and having to go back out there, retake the photos, retype the stuff, and submit, isn’t fun the 2nd time. Appeals are unfortunately slow, and I have 2 in appeals now, with not many days left for another.

    I just hope to find a better solution. As it is, “you may not see it in the game you play” results in “we may just stop nominating if that’s the case” doesn’t help grow anything. But that’s a major contributor to wayfarer burnout. So maybe find a way to fix it so we do not feel ripped off or that we wasted our time. Nobody likes that feeling of being used.

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    It’s not selfish to work for something and get nothing in return. Not one of the ingress players stepped up to build up the areas around me. This neighborhood has a potential for about 40 different wayspots. There were only 2 here but not a thing was done for the others. I had to do it (not all by me but I got others to help).

    What did the “active” local ingress player do with their friend? Abuse wayfarer to troll reject nomination after nomination if they were in this area. 1 lives here! Thankfully, Niantic punished 2 accounts then 4 more more recently.

    There would be nothing for ingress here minus the 2 portals, if it wasn’t for me. And because of me, this neighborhood and the one nearby actually has something to do including a “tour” or whatever it’s called, in ingress.

    So when I limp outside, under the hot summer sun, and I submit whatever is eligible, I expect to see results that I can use, too. You know how hard it is to get a good photo of something when the sun isn’t angled right, but you need some lighting to get the best visual? Not to mention the heat, and either hill to go back up to get home. Then there’s being patient if others are using said object or are in the way. It’s a lot of work.

    Then there’s dealing with wayfarer. Make sure everything is spelled correctly. Hope the system doesn’t automatically upgrade the wrong nomination (which it did). Then dealing with the constant bogus rejection issues we all face because of other problems here.

    I am all for the other games sharing the results of my efforts. Key word is “sharing”. Not one player in GO goes through all of this in the hopes that they will not get to use it or see it in the game they play.

    Perhaps it’s time to change things up a bit so we can have all of the portals in games they’re submitted from like GO, but create a new type of one. My kid is playing Pokémon Sword currently. You have to shake trees to get berries which is required for many things to beat the game fully. Where are the berry trees or bushes? All these missing portals in GO could become sources for berries. This way they aren’t cluttered with a bunch of stops. Berries have been around since Gen 2, especially coming from plants.

    Theres the fix. We have gyms, we have stops, and we have berry plants. But you can quote policy all you want. Policy was created and is constantly changed. It is not always written with foresight. Policies can always be improved upon. I don’t agree that players can do basically free labor for games they don’t play.

    A better system can be put in place, and that idea, while it likely isn’t first from me, is from the main games, which is the source for changes to this game.

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