FAKE Wayspots in Langlingen

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I have been sent screenshots from a Facebook group pertaining to the German town of Langlingen. A user shared there that there are 3 types of nature trails in his Town.

1.) A Water educational trail

2.) A nature trail - which no longer exists!!!

3.) The Living archive (information boards for historical buildings)


But there are 2 big problems!

Let's come to the smaller problem first


The nature trail is made of laminated paper that was attached with staples. It doesn't look very permanent. Some boards are already missing and were probably replaced by self-made ones from the second point below.

Let's take a look.

Start: 52.562559,10.240507

End: 52.556256,10.275883

Just a few examples:


Title: Naturlehrpfad Langlingen 18

Location: 52.560848,10.254397

A laminated piece of paper.


Title: Naturlehrpfad Langlingen Hasel

Location: 52.557453,10.262982

Another laminated piece of paper.


Title: Naturlehrpfad Langlingen 14

Location: 52.561153,10.25103

Again just a laminated piece of paper which was attached with staples.

Just like the whole educational path. It's not permanent.


Now to the real problem. The user shared with the group that he also laminated sheets of paper himself and attached them to boards in order to submit them as wayspots to generate more Pokestops and Gyms. And of course he removed them afterwards.

German Proof:

English Translation:

Here are just a few examples. I leave it to you to check the account and the Wayspots for the entire educational trail.

Example 1)

Title: GLP Der Kormoran

Location: 52.557051,10.292873

Example 2)

Title: GLP Infotafel Kreuzotter

Location: 52.563636,10.279761

Example 3)

Title: Gewässerlehrpfad

Location: 52.562756,10.284611


And there are so many more. All just laminated notes. In the photo you can see them lying on his car seat, with the comment that it is material for further stops.

Would be nice if you take action against it, remove these wayspots on the nature trail and do something against this person.



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