Submissions approved. But no pokestops in Pokemon GO and NO portal are live in Ingress!

So I had two pokestop submissions approved this week. Both were close

to existent POI's, but I certified that the locations of my submissions were

in blank s2 cells (l17 in Go and l19 in Ingress)

When I submitted, I chose the point in map that would be

inside of l17 cells with no POI's. Also I checked if this point

were ok in l19 cells too. Both submissions were approved, but they

did not appear in Intel Map! I asked a friend of mine that play

Ingress to verify if they were in Ingress map and they were not.

He said that neither one appeared in the game. Looks like they were not

approved although the email I recieved from Niantic said that they're were approved.

It should have appeared in Ingress at right moment I

recieve the confirmation and they didn't.

As I said, I checked the position twice before submitting.

I chose a point that would be in blank cells. It should have worked. What I did wrong?


  • There's a number of things that could be happening.

    • Not every approved Wayspot will make it into every game depending on a number of factors (most notably how close they are to others in the area but there are other factors)
    • There's an open issue right now importing newly approved Wayspots into Pokémon GO, which could be at play
    • The import into the location database isn't always immediate, it's possible that there's a slight delay which could be accounting for why you're not seeing it yet.
  • Roli112-PGORoli112-PGO Posts: 2,230 Ambassador

    There is no l19 requirement or rule. There is a 20m requirement though.

  • FunMom4Life-PGOFunMom4Life-PGO Posts: 35 ✭✭✭

    @Kakushinteki-PGO PoGo acceptance emails do not differentiate whether new waypoints are able to sync into PoGo, but they also do not mention if they are within 20m and therefore unable to go live in ANY of Niantic's games.

    The silver lining is that you can retry and (assuming the pin can still be placed on the item being nominated) place the location at least 20m from any existing waypoints. The "approved" nominations you already submitted will not show up as possible duplicates and you will have a fresh start.

    Good luck!

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