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Hello all,

Our community has biking and walking trails between side walks and homes and parks. Would a lonely bench directly on the trails be a good spot nomination? It continuously has people rest and taking break and occasionally I see people playing Pokémon go there as well


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    It would not. it’s a generic, mass-produced item that would be rejected as “Other rejection criteria.”

    I want to be clear that I am sympathetic to your case that a bench on a trail is a place to socialize along a place to exercise and explore (certainly no less valid than most of the trail markers I review), but the current criteria and review environment does not make this allowance.

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    Okay I see, I was under the impression that although it might be mass produced like for example and playground set the fact that it meets the exercise and socialize criteria would allow it to be a good spot. I appreciate the feedback though

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    If it has a great view, you might be able to sell it as a viewpoint or overlook. The primary picture would be like you posted above, and the Supporting picture from behind the bench, showing the view (mountains, lake, river, city, etc), with the bench back in the foreground.

    But 99% of benches like yours are not there for the view they provide.

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