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Wayfarer Help Chat System loses history after refreshing tab/window or signing out of wayfarer.

When I review, I use my phone. Google Chrome to be specific. iOS latest version. iPhone 13. I also sometimes use an iPad with latest software or on a PC using opera. Same issue.

I put in a ticket and never get a response but also when I go back to it, it’s a fresh conversation with Remy showing no history. We are not emailed when we get a reply either so it seems we’re ghosting Niantic.

This is similar in GO. In-game support inquiries does not follow your account. If I open a ticket on my phone but am playing on my iPad for whatever reason, I will not see the ticket I sent from my phone. I will not see ticket history. If Niantic replies, it will not come to where I was last active. It goes back to the device I sent it from.

But for wayfarer, it treats a tab or window as if it’s a new device. If you close it, you lose the ticket. I’ve had 2 tickets I’ve received replies to. No clue the results of the others. Don’t even remember what they were about.

This is an issue with whatever program you’re using for the method of support. For those of us who share devices with kids, we may not always get back to our reply. Or say someone has a sign in issue and borrows a friend’s phone, that reply will go to the wrong phone but never to the main one.

Somehow, we need to have these tickets tied to our accounts. If I was signed in on the same account across 12 devices, I should expect to see all 12 getting the same reply.

Think of it as texts on iOS devices that share the same Apple ID. They all see what was sent and received until one signs out of that ID.

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