Niantic review analyse: pebble walking trail

Pebble walking trails

TLDR: Cultural difference may affect Niantic’s judgement. I just found that a category of park facility was commonly rejected by Niantic reviews. I feel ok about that because it is reasonable that they don’t know much about these Southeast Asian exclusive cultures. But I think it is still being interesting to introduce these exercise facilities to everyone. Just some knowledge sharing.

What are those: they are short walking trail, usually in parks or sitting-out areas. These trail has pebble on it and handrail nearby. In Hong Kong, if that pebble walking trail is managed by government, a instruction sign is also placed.

Why are these exist: Massaging to the feet soles was believed as a method to improve health in the ethnic Chinese culture. These pebble walking trails aimed to provide feet soles massage and encourage walking as exercising at the same time when people take off their shoes and walk on it. These usually older-adults oriented.

A document from the Hong Kong council mentioned the purpose of establishing these trail (main point was captured below):

Where are these: Mainly in Taiwan, Macau, and Hong Kong. Usually be established in park or other public places.

Hope you feel interesting about these “the more you know”.


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