Incorrect name of the estate in the title of the Wayspot

Title of the wayspot:Piaskownica z Betonową Palisadą na Osiedlu Zalesie.

Location: 50,0474830, 22,0001990

City: Rzeszów

Country: Poland

Suggested new title: Piaskownica z Betonową Palisadą na Osiedlu 1000-lecia.

Please change the title to "Piaskownica z Betonową Palisadą na Osiedlu 1000-lecia.". Wayspot is not located in the Zalesie estate, this area is the 1000-lecia estate.

As you can see, the wayspot is located next to the Hospital  John Paul II. There is information on Wikipedia that this hospital is located in the center of the 1000th Anniversary Estate, so it is not the Zalesie Estate: 

This is not the first time that this user (characteristic dot) uses deliberately wrong names of estates, what I described in my previous posts. So I think this should be considered an abuse and it's imperative to change the Wayspot title to be correct. Thank you!

@NianticAtlas @NianticGiffard



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