Recurring Fake nomination Spielplatz Apelern (7+ tries already!)

dustinyeeaah-PGOdustinyeeaah-PGO Posts: 526 ✭✭✭✭✭

There seems to be at least 7 fake attempts (yellow) of the same Wayspot and one (red) already was accepted. It's always the same two pictures and the same description + support information. Most of the times it's submitted right at a Privat Residency. Stop this nonsense.

Main picture:

Existing Fake:,9.332788

Here is just one example:

Regarding the exisiting Fake:

The house in the background of the picture doesn't match the nearest house in satellite view. The correct? location seems to be at,9.337783, which is already a Wayspot.

Some location edit while I tried to spot more Fakes:,9.337858

More to come...stay tuned


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