Report invalid Wayspots (Daegu, South Korea)

Common items for all invalid Wayspots

  • City: Daegu
  • Country: South Korea (Republic of Korea)

In this post, I report 29 invalid Wayspots.

  • Structure for Waypost was removed: 26
  • Ineligible (School / No pedestrian access): 3

First, introduce cases where the structure no longer exists.


Title of the Wayspot: 대구 도남교회

Location: 35.950694,128.578584

Reason: "대구 도남교회" went out of business.


Title of the Wayspot: 대구 교회

Location: 35.831961,128.71121

Reason: The chulch was demolished.


Title of the Wayspot: Old Shrine

Location: 35.857682,128.648997

Reason: The stone pagoda was demolished.


Title of the Wayspot: 헤헤

Location: 35.85787,128.648774

Reason: The stone statue was removed.


Title of the Wayspot: 호랑이 석상

Location: 35.857406,128.648529

Reason: No.5 and No.6 were located on each side of the entrance, but both were demolished due to reconstruction.


Title of the Wayspot: 라이온즈 석상

Location: 35.857298,128.648788

Reason: Same as above.


Title of the Wayspot: BLUEMING

Location: 35.857532,128.647034

Reason: The walls were painted.


Title of the Wayspot: 미지속으로

Location: 35.840805,128.612598

Reason: The scrupture was removed.


Title of the Wayspot: 대구은행 통일로지점 조형물

Location: 35.877766,128.595524

Reason: The scrupture was removed.


Title of the Wayspot: 산들과 행복한 가족들

Location: 35.871267,128.607478

Reason: The mural was removed.


Title of the Wayspot: 책 읽어야지 이히 석상

Location: 35.868651,128.591795

Reason: The existing statue was removed and a new one was later created. Wayspot, which exists at (35.868804,128.591649), is the new.


Title of the Wayspot: 대구이천동 우편취급국

Location: 35.847822,128.604104

Reason: The post office was closed.


Title of the Wayspot: 남-강 조형물

Location: 35.861068,128.556794

Reason: The pillars were removed.


Title of the Wayspot: 노인문화대학

Location: 35.856022,128.530404

Reason: The sign was removed a long time ago.


Title of the Wayspot: 주바람교회

Location: 35.852401,128.532394

Reason: The chulch was closed last year.


Title of the Wayspot: 해림통상

Location: 35.850784,128.535064

Reason: The signage was removed as the retailer went out of business.


Title of the Wayspot: 알리앙스 분수대(죽전네거리)

Location: 35.849906,128.537777

Reason: The fountain was removed.


Title of the Wayspot: 고구려 개마무사

Location: 35.852463,128.542536

Reason: The horse archer statue was removed.


Title of the Wayspot: Cafe 별

Location: 35.846233,128.547544

Reason: The cafe was closed a long time ago.


Title of the Wayspot: 남자탕

Location: 35.841729,128.537564

Reason: As the restaurant went out of business, the mascot was also removed.


Title of the Wayspot: Tiled sea

Location: 35.839865,128.532797

Reason: It was removed more than 5 years ago.


Title of the Wayspot: Micro maze

Location: 35.83967,128.532405

Reason: It was removed more than 5 years ago.


Title of the Wayspot: 고양고양

Location: 35.841929,128.529573

Reason: As the Japanese restaurant closed, the giant cat was also removed.


Title of the Wayspot: Serving Doll

Location: 35.835899,128.556032

Reason: The doll was removed when the izakaya went out of business long ago.


Title of the Wayspot: 아델웨딩

Location: 35.832633,128.552716

Reason: As the wedding hall was closed, the mural was also removed.


Title of the Wayspot: Cafe Dall

Location: 35.826757,128.548258

Reason: "Cafe Dall" was closed.

Here, introduce cases of ineligibility.


Title of the Wayspot: 우리들 세상

Location: 35.872127,128.632654

Reason: Elementary school wall.


Title of the Wayspot: Welcome to Daegu

Location: 35.857739,128.626322

Reason: This sign is located in a place that is not accessible to pedestrians. It is surrounded by car roads on all sides and there are no crosswalks.


Title of the Wayspot: 합주

Location: 35.861803,128.56024

Reason: Elementary school wall.



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