Correct rating for admissible POI - but location doesn't look quite right

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Hello There!

My question to the community regards the correct rating for nominations that qualify as perfectly admissible POIs (for example a little chapel and the like) but the photo doesn't quite match the stated location on the satellite map. Either because the photo is taken in a way that allows no hints regarding the location or there are hints on the photo, (like houses, streets or alleys) but they cant be found on the satelite image and the location "doesn't quite look right"

- Do you reject the nomination? Under which category ? Under Fotoquality i.e "bad photo" or under "Waypoint " for "wrong location" or is it " other reason"

- Or do you rate the nomination according to the criteria (that would be a 4-5 Stars for a chapel) but with a "one Star" under the "location" category which means "location can't be found"?

Thank you for your answers and clarifications!


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    I'd rate it normal and 1* for location. If I had reason to think it was definitely fake (e.g. a picture of deep woods in the middle of an urban area), I would use the main 1* to reject as fake.

    In the photos you've shown, I would definitely 1* reject for "fake nomination". The photo looks like it is made in Photoshop.

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    Above is one example, the background of the nomination doesn't quite match the satelite. there is a wall or a house in the background of the photo which seems to not be there on the satellite.

    Other examples are crosses (kriz) or " little pumps" which are a common nomination in czeck and Slovakia that I often come across ...These could be anywhere and some of the nominations look quite dodgy to me. I rejected some of them and was subsequently downgraded, which I find quite annoying. Am I doing it wrong?

    I really do try hard to give correct and fair ratings! I also often add my reasoning in the comment section, but I guess that makes no difference..

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    I find it especially suspicious if an additional photo is added that is exactly like the nomination photo and gives me no clue about the sourroundings of a nomination. I get so many of these!

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