Need some help in understanding why this was rejected?

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I've seen this type of building as a pokestop in parks all over the city and saw that this one had not yet been nominated. I nominated it, no people in the picture and I think my description is OK, yet it was rejected for "other rejection criteria". I have appealed but I understand that it can take quite some time to get a response. Before submitting again, does anyone have any tips on what I did wrong?


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    Just because you see certain things as Wayspots on the map, doesn’t mean they’re eligible now. They may have been approved when criteria was different or they’re coal subs that slipped through.

    This just sounds like a public toilet with a changing area, so wouldn’t be eligible. It’s not a great place to explore, be social with others or exercise.

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    I often see these referred to as pavilions. But perhaps chalet is local term?

    The key part here is that you need to make a case in the supplementary information why this should be accepted. Is it a place to socialise or exercise? does a local sports team use this as its base? Is it more like a visitor centre than a toilet block.

    if there is a website that shows this to be a key facility in the park include that.

  • The main part of it is that it's used to store toys for kids in the park and you have to go in there to hit a button to turn on the water for the splashpad on the other side of the building. Yes Chalet is kind of the local term here you could say. I supposed the supporting picture could have shown the inside that's mostly for the kids, the washrooms is secondary really.

    I'll resubmit with better supporting text and picture. Thanks all!

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    Sounds like a storage shed with attached bathrooms. That’s not a good place to explore or exercise or socialize.

    Now, if you got the local authorities to put a mural on the side…

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