Not historically/culturally significant trail marker

Ever since I reached the level requirements to nominate POIs, I've done my best to familiarize myself with the rules and the rule clarifications made here by the community. It seems that some of the rules are intentionally vague, leaving some guess work on the reviewers. One area that seems to have a lot of variably is basically anything on a nature trail.

So basically, I have a few questions here,

1. I was under the impression that, a 1 star in the section for (not historically or culturally significant) was not grounds for rejection? So how does this rejection even happen? How would a nature trail milepost for example pass this test?

2. (I feel this one is unnecessary after some of the POIs on trails I have seen, however) Is this a poor choice for a POI?

3. Assuming this is a valid POI, do I re-submit it, or request an appeal? Submissions are much faster, however I don't want to be flagged for abuse.

4. Is there anything that I can do on my end, to prevent this from happening again?


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    1. Is there a similar/identical sign in the area? There is a known bug where some reviewers marking as duplicate and others marking as rejection (any reason) will manifest as a "Not historically or culturally significant" rejection reason.
    2. If this is along an actual named trail or trailside, it is fine, to me at least. I assume that seal on the left of the sign has the trail name, which helps. If it's not actually on the trail and just pointing towards the trail from a distant location, like a driveway to a parking lot, it's not eligible.
    3. It's up to you if you want to re-submit or appeal, though it sounds like submissions are faster in your area. You won't be flagged for abuse, as it's normal to re-submit after rejection.
    4. Without seeing your full nomination and coordinates, it's hard to tell. Is the sign visible on street view? If not, it could help to make and upload a photosphere (360 photo) using the Google Street View app. That will help reviewers confirm location and distinguish it from other signs in the vicinity. Also, any info you can add to your description - such as if the split goes into a differently named trail, how long it is, if you can see different things on one branch or the other (maybe one side is along the canal and the other is in a forest?) - helps to show effort.
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    I think the historic /culture reason is really a flaw in the system. The algorithm trying to help you tries to take the scoring and come up with several reasons. So the one that probably caused a reject was other rejection criteria, and maybe a couple of people scored low on historic/cultural. So focus on main one.

    from your picture the initial impression is that this is simply. Like a street sign saying who can go where as opposed to a trail. I would expect a trail to say something specific like canal trail red route. I can see there is some kind of logo but can’t make it out. If this is a specific marker to identify the trail you need to have a close up of the sign.

    Did you include a link in the supplementary info to the website about the trail - it looks interesting.

    Did you do a photosphere so people could see where this is?

    in short

    The sign is not the best to work with

    if submissions are quick then go that route, but do tweak it, it’s not abuse.

    so this particular type of signage will make it hard to pass.

    Good Luck

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    edited August 2022

    First of all thanks for the replies.

    I have taken your feedback and will use it to improve future additions. This particular one has been resubmitted with the following changes.

    1. A close up of the sign itself showing the seal for the trail.

    2. Web site in the additional information on the trail itself. I failed to mention in my post that the trail is historic, even having a museum on it. So the site will show that to the reviewers, instead of me just saying it's historic.

    3. Updated Google with a 360 street view (has to be redone, images came out poor at best)

    Again, thanks for your input.

  • Elijustrying-INGElijustrying-ING Posts: 4,767 Ambassador

    Do let us know how it goes.👍

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    1. we don't know that. It's just an assumption of some people that is widely spread. Could also be a flaw in the system where reviewers choose to give low stars and when the system decides it will be rejected, it struggles to find good rejection reasons so it chooses the one with the lowest overall score. Or it's just a rejection based on less than 3 stars in the sub category, which Niantic tells us is not possible, but I think it's working that way. But we don't know for sure until proven
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