Influencing Reviewers - Do you reject it?

SeVero2k-PGOSeVero2k-PGO Posts: 68 ✭✭
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Do you really automatically reject nominations when the supportive Information asks for votes like " too little pokestops here", "please accept this" , " thank you for accepting" "please vote positivley" and the like?

According to criteria it should be do you adress these?

I recently rejected some nominations that I was pretty sure of were fakes, Including a "playground" wich - in my opinion - was situated on private property of a Single family home and my rating susequently dropped from "excellent" to "good" (which I've since been unable to recover). I shouldn't worry about that but probabley I'm beeing to strict?

Is it better to give the benefit of doubt or in case of doubt to reject right away?


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