Please consider removing bench on private residential property/single-family home. (2022-Aug-02)

Title of the Wayspot: Green Canyon Little Free Library

Location: 33.926746,-117.383768

City: Riverside, CA

Country: US

Additional Information:

Please consider removing this Wayspot. It is located on private residential property with a single-family home.

NianticGiffard has stated the following:

Any object on the property of private residential property is ineligible. As long as it is on the property of private residential property even if accessible from a sidewalk nearby, it should be rejected

Please see the following URL that the NianticGiffard quote is taken from:

Photos to support your claim:

I’ll add the rejection email photo, county assessor information indicating it is a “Single Family Dwelling”, a photo of the intel map matching the county image, and a current image of the bench showing it is on the property noted by the county. The photos will be added in subsequent comments.



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