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Don´t know why i actually still bother doing nominations and why i actually still bother to vote fair.

as of yet iv´e had 2 soccer fields declined, 1 actual Gym, 1 bulletin board and a pizzeria.

All have been rejected as " Other rejection criteria "

Can someone tell me why the community exits and why everyone should not just reject all others nominations as well since the ones i have nominated are all crystal clear approvals ?

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    Were they marked as "Not accepted" or "Duplicated"?

    If you could post the images we could provide you a wider explanation.

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    The soccer field is my second nomination on the same one. No duplicates at all.

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    2 & 3 I don't think are eligible unless you can really sell to me why they are?

    4 could do with a better picture I think but it's hard to tell without seeing the supporting pic.

    I've found that taking a wider shot works better as the reviewer can immediately get a sense of the whole sports pitch.

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    Note that i live in a really rural little hole in sweden and i can count all stops my fingers...

    So duplicates are not even a thing for imagination

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    I'm positive you can get the football pitch accepted, I've had a smaller pitch accepted, but as above I think the others are tough.

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    Well for starters... The gym is the only one for miles ;) and it´s a Gym... if people dont know what a Gym is then a trip back to school should be a priority.

    The Bulletin Board has not been cleared much since Covid hit kinda hard here in Sweden so most places have been left alone for about 2 years now. Still, thats no rejection criteria.

    The goal is what it is, a goal. ive seen a single swing be accepted and thats a 1 person use at a time.

    Pizza place is kinda the same as the Gym... no exclusive food places around so hard to make anything of it... it´s a town not Las Vegas where there is a stop every 10 feet :/

    and when they say my photos are low quality it´s more like they need glasses... using high res from a samsung galaxy s22 ultra.

    i can take pictures of the crates of the moon with it, yet a sign a few feet away gets a bad quality stamp *-_-

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    Gyms are hit and miss I think. Some people accept and some dislike.

    The bulletin board does look like it's falling to pieces and stuck in a ****.

    The pizzeria place is still generic.

    It sucks to not have things around that have to meet a very specific criteria when there is little to nominate.

    I'm not criticising just looking at your submissions as if I was reviewing. If there is nothing to really sell them to me to take them above the normal everyday objects then I would find it difficult to accept unfortunately.

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    Thanks word filter.

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    Well the gym has a **** ramp since the area was once used for rehabilitation for handicapped people made out of stone so it wont even break anytime soon 😂 i also have the ramp and that info in the other pic and info.

    the bulletin board is right next to the beach entrance, shows on my second picture along with some info. There is even a parking lot and a little spinny gate kind of thingy ( dont know what they are called ), the beach also has showers, bathrooms, seasonal little store, bbq area etc...

    On the pizzeria i could mention that the building is about 100 years old since it used to be a gas station named Texaco.

    And still the soccer field and goal... i mean, come on *-_-

    is there no one here that can reevaluate nominations faster than Niantic does ? gotta be some employees around ^^

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    It sounds like you put some extra info for reviewers which is good.

    When I find info boards or the like, grown over or very dirty, I cut or push back the vegetation and give it a quick clean. This allows the poi to look at its best - well better than it was. It doesn’t matter about the beach. The focus needs to be on the board and it’s purpose.

    As long as the football field/goal can be seen clearly it should be accepted.

    There is a long queue of people who have had submissions rejected and want Niantic to review the decision. However the appeals process is not quick. You may find it quicker to reflect, amend and resubmit.

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    That is very strange.

    can you post the whole submission plus location so we can look

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    So, just remade the nomination using this as a photo:

    With this as overview:

    Also stating it's clearing all criteria for a POI / Stop.

    I swear it still wont be accepted 😆

    So if this does not work imma go raging on reviewing 😈 becouse then there actually is something really really wrong with this community.

    To be continued...

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    Its good that you can see the goals on satellite view. They are a bit odd as there are2 goals but not directly opposite. So I would describe the set of goals as 5-aside, perfect for an informal game.

    As it appears to be a park in the middle of a circle of houses and you are having difficulty, I would suggest taking a photosphere and uploading to Google - download streetview app, and follow instructions. Stand in front of the goal so that is clear.

    For your main photo have it more as suggested, and for supplementary I would possibly take it from behind so that the play equipment can be seen - presuming you are submitting the goal to east.

    I would put in more in the description about it being for informal games (as oppposed to a full sized pitch) in other words explain it more. And same in supplementary info a small park, encourages exercise etc

    Yes it can seem obvious but some reviewers might be from a different country and not be familiar with this sort of set up.

    Its a rural area so keep up the effort and it will make a difference

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    Well the weels are there so the goals can be moved when they mow the grass 😎

    And ive seen goals made if wooden planks be accepted so a full size goal " should " ba a no brainer...

    Also, id like to see someone carry around the goals 🤣💪

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    That picture is much better, but the best would be a picture of just one of the goals. 2nd best would both goals entirely in the picture.

    I will add I would have accepted with even the first picture because I think Niantic only wants us to reject when you can't identify the object easily ftom the picture. Poor quality pictures can be replaced with edits. However, the community definitely has strict requirements about what they will accept: head-on photos, centered on the object, taken during the day.

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    For some reason the posts hadn’t all come through when they should.

    and yes make sure the wheels don’t show. That also explains the odd relative position on satellite view 😂 I get that it is to cut the grass - our goals often have longer clumps around the posts where they can’t cut the grass, and for 2-3 months over the summer they are removed to be painted and allow space for cricket.

    If you want to get them through you have to set aside your view and “play” the wayfarer game to sell your nomination. It will just get more and more frustrating if you don’t change the way you present the POI.

    This is a good object to nominate, as you say it should be a no brainer. However you still need make sure it comes across really well no matter what a pain that might seem……getting a submission approved will take the pain away.

    Good Luck

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    Yet another rejection of a bulletin board 🤦‍♂️

    At the entrance to Dentist, Childcare, Doctors, physiotherapist etc...

    General and public access for all to put up.

    Inapropriate and other rejection as grounds for rejection

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    Niantic has said that a bulletin board is not good if it just has government-mandated notices (like evacuation maps and labor law rights) and is not used for rotating event notices.

    Also, doctors' offices are not good waypoints. I have rushed into a pediatrician carrying a child having and asthma attack who could barely breathe. Having gamers standing around looking at their phones, or taking up all the close parking places, could have killed him.

    Back to the original nominations... You have to work harder for places that sell things or services. There are millions of gyms and pizza places in the world. Why are THAT gym and THAT pizza place special? Have they won any awards? Is there a cool story about them?

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    What a silly threat. I've only seen people in here trying to help you improve your nomination.

    Good luck in your future nominations.

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    Well, that's a bit harsh. 🤨

    However, Since I started reviewing and with the exception of about a week where my rating dropped to 'Good' I've maintained a rating of 'Great' the entire time.

    My current figures are:

    • Total Nominations Reviewed: 2866
    • Nominations Accepted: 807
    • Nominations Rejected: 197
    • Nominations Duplicated: 94

    That means I'm currently running at approximately 4 to 1 of acceptances over rejections. That, by no means, makes me a hard reviewer; not compared to many others who've shared their figures in these fora. And, out of the nominations I've rejected, I'd say more than half of them were either obvious fakes or of the 'I want a Pokéstop I can spin from my couch!' variety; where one... wag... even had the audacity to take a photo of his bare left foot as both the primary and supporting photos (go figure).and titled it, "oh look it's nothing so cool". (Yes, even so lazy as not being bothered to use the shift key at the relevant moments.)

    The ones I reject as fake are when it's obvious it's fake; not when I feel the nominator might have made a simple mistake or had just failed to properly read the criteria. Case in point: I would not have marked yours as fake, just ineligible. In my mind, you've seen somewhere that noticeboards are eligible wayspots. They are... IF they also meet one of the three eligibility criteria. In this case, a GREAT place to socialise.

    You might not agree... and I understand that. However, the onus is on the nominator to "sell" the nomination to the reviewers; not on the reviewers to assume facts not in evidence. And you do that through well-thought supporting photos and supporting text. That's what they're there for.

    The good thing about the need for nominators to review if they want the power of the 'Upgrade' button is, to me, twofold:

    • It puts them into the shoes of what the reviewer sees of what they nominate; and
    • It urges them to think like a reviewer for when they nominate in future.

    For myself it has certainly improved my nominations to the point the number of rejects I receive is significantly smaller than the number of accepts. It has helped me to understand what reviewers are looking for; and a better understanding of what Niantic are getting at, what information they are trying to impart, with what they've written as the eligibility and ineligibility criteria. Something that, I'm sorry to say, wasn't the case when I first started nominating.

    Anyways...irrespective of the tone and your stated intent going forward, I hope this blurb of mine has provided you with clarity as to why I would have rejected your nomination based on what information you'd provided.

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    With that i would need to reject even more since here in Sweden the extra info on 95% of nominations are blank... the other 5% just states that there need to be more stops. So yea thank you for letting me know i need to reject about 99% of all nominations due to lack of extra info 🤦‍♂️

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