Appeal portal removal: Bushells Tea Mural

Title of the Wayspot: Bushell Tea Mural

Location: -31.89760, 115.97343

City: Guildford, Western Australia

Country: Australia

Photos to support your claim: 

Google-maps-street-view.jpg (removed portal clearly visible in street view as well as the footpath.)


Google-search-murals.jpg (Examples of other Bushells Tea advertisement murals).


Location-Photo-01.jpg (Location view, mural located on the wall on the left of 89 Hugh Street, Guildford, WA, Australia).


Location-Photo-02.jpg (Landscape close-up perspective view with clearly visible footpath)


Location-Photo-03.jpg (front view from across the street)


Location-Photo-04.jpg (perspective view looking back)


Location-Photo-05.jpg (close-up perspective, with footpath visible)


Additional information: 

The removed waypoint (portal) is a Bushell Tea advertisement mural, that has seen better days, but is still clearly recognisable of the iconic brand of tea that has been around Australia since 1883. A brand that was built through the marketing of heritage and nostalgia as depicted in the mural. (see:

The mural is located on the side wall of a building along a narrow public footpath (sidewalk) and has easy pedestrian access and is clearly visible in Google maps street view. (See: Google-maps-street-view.jpg)

The present state of the mural is much like what is visible in Google maps street view. It is clearly visible and easily accessible via a footpath that runs alongside the mural wall, as shown in Location-Photo-1.jpg through to Location-Photo-5.jpg.

You will still find these older murals throughout regional towns (see: Google-search-murals.jpg) and some are Ingress waypoints, as they are remnants of the long history of Bushells in Australia and part of their iconic marketing.  For example, another similar mural, located in Toodyay, Western Australia (Name: Name: Bushels vintage advertising 1939) —,116.467707&z=17&pll=-31.550531,116.467707

Please reinstate this portal as it is a valid waypoint and return the portal keys removed from Ingress scanner.



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