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I have a submission that has been "in voting" for literally 2 (TWO) years, and other submissions from 2 years ago that are still just "in queue" meanwhile a local gym was deleted because ???. Is this Wayfarer working as intended?


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    Niantic doesn't tell us what their intent is, so maybe? We don't have visibility to know if the long times are because the system is working correctly or because it's working incorrectly.

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    @Bixnood-PGO a grain of hope - locally over past week several that have been in the system for 27 months have been resolved. The rejects don’t have reasons so it looks like Niantic are doing these themselves. So some hope they are working at the back of the queue.

    The flow of submissions into the active review ( in voting) pool is controlled so that only a few from a given area can be in-voting at one time. The rest have to wait in the queue reservoir until a space becomes available. When an area gets gridlocked with a lot of time taken to resolve it means some are left in queue for a very long time. I don’t think this is what was planned it’s a consequence of submitters and reviewers not doing as expected. But Niantic has not shown much interest in resolving it ( until now).

    As for gyms disappearing - I don’t know

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    @Bixnood-PGO Sounds like you're within 30 miles of a heavily-wayspotted big city, so Niantic slow-tracks your nominations. It is NOT a queue - regions nowhere near a city (for example, when part of their cell is ocean, so no wayspots) are fast-tracked.

    If you only have a couple nominations, and you haven't reviewed before... try reviewing to earn upgrades (around 160 reviews per upgrade). Then your noms can jump queue, and be decided in a week or so from when you earned the upgrade. However, if you have a bunch of nominations, the math becomes crazy pretty quickly, and it's not reasonable.

    If an app developer in your area shows serious interest in using the Lightship database, nominations around them will probably be fast-tracked. Currently, those cities are San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York City, London, and Tokyo. But (unless you're an app developer), you can't control this any more than controlling that a city happens to be an hour's drive from you.

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    I am in San Diego and it's still insane that things take 2+ years, this absolutely destroys people's motivation to participate in Wayfarer

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    I know how you feel. About 45 of the 260 or so nominations that I have in queue/voting are from 2020, and a significant chunk of that around 260 nominations in queue/voting is from 2021. Most of those old nominations have been in voting for over a year. Everyone here has a big backlog. Oddly, the last several months new nominations have been going through fairly quickly, but if they take longer than about 3 weeks to be resolved they seem to fall into the same pit the old nominations are languishing in. What’s really annoying is that sometimes I’ll see that someone else has nominated the same things that have been marinating in wayfarer forever and they pop out in a week or two, and no matter how fast I go to try and withdraw that same thing it’s already in voting and I just have to wait for the duplicate rejection; which can’t possibly be helping the speed at which anything comes through out here.

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    Here's a place to log nominations In Queue for more than six months: This would give Niantic some real-life test cases, should they ever decide to work on this bug.

    I figure Niantic has at least two problems: Bad queueing to get into voting, and bad queueing once in voting. If they can go after the queueing bug, it might also solve the voting bug.

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