Appeal portal removal: The Station Master’s Cottages

Title of the Wayspot: The Station Master’s Cottages

Location: -31.89519, 115.98161

City: Guildford, Western Australia

Country: Australia

Photos to support your claim: 

Captain-Stirling-Walk-Trail.jpg (overview of all the panels that are part of the walk trail).


Google-maps-street-view.jpg (Google street view clearly displaying portal and location)


Location-photos-overview.jpg (a guide to location photos 1-5)


Location-Photo-01.jpg (Looking North from appealed portal locationThe Old Guildford Church and Cemetery interpretive panel across the road, related appeal, visible to the right of the left-most white vehicle).


Location-Photo-02.jpg (looking East towards the Terrace Rd and Great Eastern Hwy intersection, you can see the removed portal along the footpath, outside the fenced-off parking area).


Location-Photo-03.jpg (a close-up of the removed portal, again clearly showing the location is outside the parking area fence, and alongside the footpath)


Location-Photo-04.jpg (Closeup of the panel text and information)


Location-Photo-05.jpg (Looking west along Terrace Rd, clearly visible that the location is alongside the footpath).


Additional information: 

See also related portal removal appeal: Old Guildford Church and Cemetery (see:

The removed portal (See: Google-maps-street-view.jpg) is one of many interpretive panels placed by the city of Guildford along key historical locations as part of the “Guildford Heritage Walk Trails” series. (see: Captain-Stirling-Walk-Trail.jpg) A series of four self-guided heritage walk trails with 50 interpretive panels. (see:   

All of the panels are located on PUBLIC land along footpaths (sidewalks), and NONE are located on school grounds. This includes the portal for which this appeal is made and the related portal for The Old Guildford Church and Cemetery, which is across the road from the removed portal for this appeal (See: Location-Photo-01.jpg)

The interpretive sign that has been removed from the portal network is location C12 of the Captain Stirling Walk trail. (see: Captain-Stirling-Walk-Trail.jpg and Location-Photo-04.jpg)

Location-Photo-2.jpg, Location-Photo-3.jpg, and Location-Photo-5.jpg clearly show that like the removed portal (information panel) IS NOT located on school grounds, but along a public footpath on council land and NOT on school property. 

See: Location-photos-overview.jpg for a guide to seeing the directions the photos were taken in.

Please reinstate this portal as it is a valid waypoint, and return the portal keys removed from Ingress scanner and also reconsider the rejected related portal removal appeal.



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