Perfectly eligible wayspot rejected, no reasons mentioned - please reconsider

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Title of the Wayspot:De stedenband tussen drie landen

Location: 52°08'08.4"N 5°13'44.6"E

City: Bilthoven

Country: Netherlands

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Beste Ladyfoil,Bedankt voor je Wayspot-nominatie De stedenband tussen drie landen op 21-jul-2022!Helaas, de gemeenschap heeft besloten om je Wayspot-nominatie niet te accepteren. Meer details vind je op de pagina Bijdragebeheer.

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information:



This sign commemorates the bonds between three European villages, De Bilt (NL), Coesfeld (D, since 1977) and Miescisko (PL, since 1995)

Dear community, any reason why this wayspot should not be accepted? No rejection reason was given, and i cannot think of one. It is a POI, it is on public grounds, there isn't a wayspot close by, it isn't obstructing anything, there isn't a school nearby, the bond between our villages is not spread around our village on numerous signs, only on a few points.

I really am out of ideas to get a few more nice spots in our neighborhood, shall i clean the sign before making a new picture, shall i throw some flowers around it?

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    Hey, there may be a few reasons why this would be rejected:

    First of all not every sign is a wayspot. If this sign doesn't have any meaning i too would decline it. It doesn't look clean and for me as a person who does not know what exactly it is it seems like a normal sign and nothing special, so just by looking at it i would not accept it. If there is something special about it tough you would have to inform about that in the supporting text. Any articles, newspaper or web about it or more info would be really helpful. As i said right now i am not convinced of this beeing eligible.

    An other reason why it could have been declined is the location. I and i think most of the wayfarer community only accept wayspots if they are really where they should be or if they are in for example in the woods where you can't really confirm it but don't need to because nobody really has a big use of faking a wayspot there. So make sure a reviewer really can see that the spot is where you marked it, use the supporting foto for that.

    I hope i could provide some information, good luck with further nominations.

  • Ladyfoil-PGOLadyfoil-PGO Posts: 32 ✭✭

    Thank you for your reaction @Farbsturm-PGO . I really cannot see why adding a link to a dutch website would help. I have done all texts in english, for the non-dutch contributors and i have been very specific about the three cities on the sign. Is this a sign that one sees very often? Well, i should say not. The path signs to indicate a walking or cycling route are far more common, and those are accepted too.

    Furthermore, the location. It is perfectly visible on google maps, as the sign is there for quite a while now.

    I think this is a case of someone not reading and not looking at the information given, and just rejecting to get his points as quick as possible.

  • The26thDoctor-PGOThe26thDoctor-PGO Posts: 4,675 ✭✭✭✭✭

    These sort of metal signs are generally seen as ineligible.

    Most Uk towns and cities are twinned with at least one other European and/or global town/city.

  • X0bai-PGOX0bai-PGO Posts: 1,667 ✭✭✭✭✭

    How is this a good place to exercise or socialize or explore?

  • 82quuu-PGO82quuu-PGO Posts: 277 ✭✭✭

    Are there similar signs elsewhere?

    Unless the signage is specific to the location, approval will be difficult.

  • Ladyfoil-PGOLadyfoil-PGO Posts: 32 ✭✭

    I think i give up. This is making the game less interesting to play since so many road signs, ugly objects, non-descipt wayspots are already in the game, and when you would like a wayspot on walking distance it seems virtually impossible since "the community" blocks it for bizarre reasons. Why is a lousy childrens playground with just one "wipkip" a wayspot? Why is a traffic sign indicating to go left for route 21 a wayspot? Why is the wind thing on top of a tower a wayspot? Why are the LPL you see on every corner wayspots? It is totally random the way "eligible" is seen by people from different countries, different regilions, different morals, different point of views. Even with the guidelines, one can do whatever one wants.

  • The26thDoctor-PGOThe26thDoctor-PGO Posts: 4,675 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Don't give up!

    It took me ages to get the hang of what does or doesn't work on a local level and I still mess it up sometimes.

    If you persevere you'll get there although it is frustrating getting to the point of recognising something which will, hopefully, be eligible.

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