Trail Markers …… again ( it must be weekend)

My turn to be annoyed 😂

I have had this rejection.

So rejected under other criteria, temporary and mismatched location.

I can see why the temporary as the yellow version is what is often used for a diverted route. But you can actually see the normal sign is identical. There is a lot of redevelopment taking place through the town centre about 200m away and the route follows a diversion through there to bring it back to this point. So I could explain that more but it is also on streetview with the old blue sign alone so some people are being overzealous in my opinion. But I can spell that out.

The location is clearly there as it can be seen on street view and the supplementary matches. The sign has been updated Since streetview but same essential info just a clearer sign.

Then the bulk must be under other. Name of trail is there, number of trail is there. Places it is heading towards is there. It’s a long established, long distance trail. So there are still a large number out there not accepting trail markers.

So do I …..

continue to waste upgrades on these ?

Do I even bother reviewing for upgrades?

Keep responding to rejections by resubmitting - seriously since I have little else to submit having been on holiday I could just drop a new one into system every couple of weeks?

Leave them to fester for over 2 years in our clogged up area? ( Thanks Niantic for starting to resolve the ones from April 2020).

Appeal? Well none of those submitted since they reopened have done anything so it may be quicker than resubmitting but by how much.

I will take any constructive comments on board.

@NianticGiffard the rulings you have made about trail markers are just not being listened to.

Going for a walk along a trail 😉


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