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Hello, I wanted to present my problem: 2 years ago, I proposed several Wayspots. According to the feedback from other players I was talking to at the time, if the Wayspot meets the criteria, they would be accepted in 2 weeks, or even 1 month. Two years later, most are still waiting for a vote, except 2 that I boosted thanks to the improvement, and strangely, they were accepted during the day, and of these two proposals, one had been pending since 2020. I would like to understand why these proposals take so long, knowing that among them are proposals accepted during the day.

Thank you.


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    This is not uncommon and is all to do with the flow of new submissions in, number of active reviewers, and wayspot density in the nearby area.

    These all have an influence but Niantic will not confirm or deny details.

    When submissions were opened up to POGo players there was a sudden flood of new submissions in, So the system was overloaded. Added to that relative proportion of reviewers got worse….so less people to work on the larger number. Finally there is also an algorithm that ensures that areas with few waypoints have priority to ensure that these areas become more playable quickly. The algorithm uses S2 cells so sometimes it can seem odd where the fast and slow lanes are. Literally a few feet across an imaginary line can make a big difference.

    This is the situation I have been in. Doing reviews to get upgrades is best way to get older nominations through and once applied the result is quick.

    On a plus note Niantic appears to have been taking some action regarding these older ones. Over past month or so older ones from April 2020 have been resolved in strict submission date order. Niantic is doing the final agreement themselves.

    Hope this helps

    edit: I can see you live in Paris area and this will certainly make things slow as there will be a high density of wayspots already.

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    Submit a new nomination for them, after 2 weeks waiting for it to go up for vote and nothing you might as well just resubmit.

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