Missing approved photos

Not sure where else to post this. I did open a ticket in-game but they’ll likely dismiss me to here.

I submitted photos for all stops/gyms in my area. Better photos with nicer weather gives green grass and blue skies in the background.

2 photos were approved but are still not live in the list of photos on the stops/gyms. The two are:

Saddlebrook West Bike Path #8 which was approved on June 10th.

Saddlebrook West Bike Route #2 which was approved on June 8th.

It takes less than 48 hours for the photo to show up in the list of photos under those locations, as did all the others here, but these two are still missing. I want to make them the main photos on both by giving them a thumb up, as the current pictures are a closeup of an ugly sign or he sky is grey and grass is dead. The new photos are spring time photos so the colors are better.

Any way you can help with this? I could submit again but that’s just a waste. I’ve been trying to give better quality photos when I see them around.


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