Nominations accepted but no stop in game


I am a PoGo player and I make my nominations from inside the pokemon game and still all my nominations recently are accepted but they are put in other game. I think it's unfair since I make my nominations from Pokemon go and I dont care for the other games, it should be used in other games that's no problem but let them appear in pogo to.

I started to lose motivation to nominate other stops since it's not even sure it will be added to the game I love. the cool places gets accepted and used in other games and others not even get past acceptance.

I feel we players are used to do the dirty work whit no recompense at all.


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    The thing that is explained pretty badly during the nomination process is that you are not nominating a pokestop, portal, etc. You are actually nominating a point of interest to become a wayspot in the Lightship database.

    Each game has its own rules about which wayspots from the Lightship database it uses and how they are treated.

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    There are many external sites that explain when an accepted nomination will show in Pokemon Go, search for S2 cells , pokemon go, pokestops and gyms. Using some combination of those words should return you good guides so you can know upfront if your nomination will show in Pokemon go or not.

    This thread as any other that asks similar questions will be closed as soon as a Niantic mods notices it, keep on asking in other places like reddit.

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    Well I have to disappoint u but I nominated I stop on a street whit nothing close in a 500 m range ,not a single thing and it good accepted and still not in PoGo so don't tell me about some cell system it not holds up the theory

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    Waaah, it’s not fair, even though I was told this;

    Remember that not all accepted nominations will appear in all Niantic games (and may take up to 48 hours to appear).

    and also this (which says Portal because the link to the Pokémon GO one isn’t working but you agree to the same)

    Note About User-Submitted Content and Ownership

    When you submit a Portal nomination to Niantic, we don’t claim ownership of that content. You still retain your rights to the content as the creator, but you do grant Niantic a license to use the content in any way we see fit. This means, for example, that we have your permission to use the Portal images and descriptions to create new in-game locations in Ingress, but we also have your permission to use them to create locations across different games. This is just a brief summary of how we use user-submitted content. For the full details, please review the Niantic Terms of Service.

    So “the way we see fit” is aligned to the game board rules, and means that it doesn’t always appear in Pokémon GO.

    People are often kind, saying Niantic don’t make it clear, but it’s clear from these two pieces of information that not every nomination will go into every game. So, boo-*******-**** now to entitles Pokémon GO submitters. Fed up with them.

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    I probably should have done, but I’ll leave it for now to show that people can be frustrated by the entitlement shown by some players.

    Niantic do have those two sections mentioned, and could do more for sure. If they’d wanted to change to game neutral language (Wayspots instead of Portals/PokéStops) as users have said for a while, I think they would have done so by now.

    To be clear, I don’t have an issue with general questions but when people complain about other games “stealing” their nominations or it “not being fair” that another game gets all of the nominations (which is now untrue due to Lightship) or think that Pokémon GO is somehow treated unfairly, when it gets features before any others games, it’s ludicrous and entitled.

  • fregat12-PGOfregat12-PGO Posts: 9 ✭✭

    Red marks a stop that got accepted and dose not appearing in game the closest stop to it is more 100 m away and they telling me to many stops In this area.

    And what about this image .

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    In your second image, I note that you took it during Go Fest. Niantic does sometimes add extra Stops and Gyms in certain featured locations for in game events. If that's how it looks without any events being on though, then the chances are that it was made that way due to location edit abuse (which is no longer possible), and several of those Pokéstops should not actually exist.

  • Purptacular-PGOPurptacular-PGO Posts: 195 ✭✭✭✭
    edited August 31

    If that first screenshot with the red circle shows your area with the point of interest you are talking about, it's clear that the point is quite close to another Waypoint that appears within Pokemon Go. I think you perhaps do not understand the size of a meter. For me, a meter is somewhere between 1 and 2 steps and I find counting my steps can help me get a good idea of how close a point is to other existing Wayspots.

  • fregat12-PGOfregat12-PGO Posts: 9 ✭✭

    It's go fest but no extra stops are there in fact I saw 100 more places like this since I play , and u say it's not possible now but they didn't got removed either. And we argue about 50m between 2 stops when there are 2 in total in that zone. I don't see it fair , where is the equal rights for all players? I only see that those who abuse the system win and the honest players can't have 3 stop in a city center. An Niantic says there are no more cell systems.

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    So you want all those extra stops to be removed because “it’s not fair”. That’s a great attitude. Yes, some people got extra. But they’re not going to give you extra. So Live and let live

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    If it helps I've added about 90 wayspots locally, after a fair bit of trial and error and struggle to find 'space' for new spots.

    I've started to nominate things that will not appear in Go though. You could try that for fun?

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    Do remember that this area -wayfarer- only covers the discovery and approvals of adding points to the distinct database called lightship. Yes it’s all part of the Niantic family but they have tried to separate it from the games.

    It is the Pokémon Go team who decide on what they select, and changes to any rules. And as a Pokémon Go player you will know that they can change their mind and communication between the PoGo Team and the players is poor.

    Everyone who submits and reviews in wayfarer is doing a lot of unseen work and the only real incentive is to create content that might then get used. The current rules are that it is driven by the S2 cells and only 1 pokestop per S2 level 17 cell. Niantic will not talk about it, even Although we know it.

    I for one am relieved that so far ( and pogo could yet change their mind) haven’t decided to do a complete global recalculation so that there is a universal limit of 1 per cell and left legacy ones alone. It would cause huge disruption and potentially a decline in playability in some areas where it wasn’t abusive moves and there aren’t many stops. That’s not say that they may yet take a targeted approach in areas of mass abuse. But that is in PoGos hands not wayfarer.

    if you want to help create stops then you need to accept what Niantic do and work with it rather than feel frustrated at finding and getting approval of points that are doomed not to appear.

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