Pokestop shows in ingress but not PoGo

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Why is it that a pokestop i made from Pokemon GO is not showing in pokemon go but in Ingress ?

This nomination thing sux... why even bother if it just shows up in some other game 🤦‍♂️

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    First congrats on getting something approved.

    When did the approval happen?

    Pokemon Go syncs with the lightship database at a different time, so sometimes you have to wait a little longer up to 1 day after Ingress for it to appear.

    As you are using Ingress I presume you have checked the S2 level 17 cells to see if it will be in its own cell?

    if you want to post coordinates or say where it is we can check.

    The underlying issue is that Niantic have not explained what happens and as a result, like many others, you end up frustrated

    Although the impression you are given when you submit something through Pokémon Go is that you are submitting to be a pokestop the reality is that you are submitting something with the potential to be a pokestop. The word potential is the important part.

    It is the developers of the different games that decide what rules to write as to what will be taken from Lightship to that game - so a lack of communication from pokemon go - your annoyance needs to be directed at them.

    Before you write off Ingress completely, Ingress players have been adding to the data base of wayspots and doing the reviewing etc for quite a number of years prior to PoGo coming along, so all poGo players benefit from that work.

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    Approval is about 3 days ago now.


    Juat made a ingress char to check if what others were saying is true, that ingress gets all stops but limited to PoGo.

    Also saw that in my area there were 1 other playing ingress while there are 50+ if not more playing PoGo 😆 and like others are claiming.

    I have no idea what the grid things are, if they aint in PoGo i have no intrest of knowing either.

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    If you have no intention of learning the “grid thing” then you will never know which wayspots will appear in which game. But that’s your choice I suppose.

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    So making a new contribution at this point will just mark it as a duplicate.

    No way to move it from PoGo since it wont show...

    And the grid is nowhere to be found.

    So how to use something that cannot be found or move something that cannot be moved ?

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    If something is truly in the wrong location and doesn't appear in Pokémon Go, then you can use the Wayfarer support chat to request a location edit. This should only be used if the location really is inaccurate though, and should not be used solely because a wayspot doesn't appear in a specific game in its current (correct) location - trying to move something that's already correct is abuse.

    Alternatively you can always try to play Ingress and level up to the point where you can submit edits. Unfortunately though, you literally just missed a really good event for levelling up.

    Eventually, assuming it hasn't been cancelled, there should be a Wayfarer app that may also allow for edits.

    Regarding the cell system, there are plenty of tools out there that can show you the cells.

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    Aah well i will just have to spam out nominations, 1 per grid just of irrelevant objects and write in extra info that its to mess with niantic.

    system made tho since some cities have like 15 stops you can reach by just standing still.

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    Im starting to see why people do doubles but at a slightly diff location. Since they dont show in PoGo.

    So been accepting quite a few now 😆👍 so we PoGo players can also have some POI without having to review the world before nominating.

    All hail Niantic 👋

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    @Wargorfs-PGO I’m pretty sure that’ there’s a wayfarer discussion discord that could help you figure this all out (after you’ve calmed down a little)

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    Hi! Based on the content of the discussion, I will be closing it for future comments. I appreciate your understanding.

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