Please Use Street View When Making Nominations

Pretty much spent last few days on a marathon of reviewing. Part of it is to earn upgrades and the other is just to help the community get through the backlog. From my reviewing, my main observation is that a lot of people have what could be good or great nominations but then they don’t have any proof that the spot exists in the real world because either Google Street view is old or the stop is not visible from either street view or from a satellite view OR it isn’t something that is marked on the map as a POI (sometimes you have to look at the separate Google map to see those).

So this is a bit of a reminder as well as a plea for folks to take the effort to download the StreetView app and make a photo bubble when you are off in the woods… on a path or in a neighborhood that doesn’t have street view.

It is really the best way to ensure that reviewers will all agree on location. Some folks will just take your world for it… others will hit the 3*… but many will read the directions and give a single star because they cannot verify that it isn’t totally fake.

Makes me sad to see what could be a good nomination go to waste in an area without many or any stops.


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