Coburg showing off its Photoshop-skills

Title of the Wayspots: Grünzeug - Mural, Bernd der Stromkasten - Mural, Swans in Love - Mural

Locations: 50.276542,10.948537 and around

City: Coburg

Country: Germany

Screenshots of the Rejection Emails:

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information:

I also found the original pictures used to photoshop these powerboxes

"Swans in Love - Mural" is simply a compressed version of this powerbox in Glücksburg:

"Grünzeug - Mural" used the left half of this graffiti located in Stuttgart

You can find the original picture here:

"Bernd der Stromkasten - Mural" is my favourite. You need to know these powerboxes are standardized in germany and you can tell which type of powerbox it is by things like the keyholes. Now take a look at the wayspots picture:

The 3 keyholes i marked red are part of a "KVz-Gehäuse 59" (for reference: )

The green marked keyhole does not fit it. It's part of another powerbox, probably the one from the original graffiti. And after a while i found it: . The original powerbox is located somewhere around Himmelstadt and shows exactly that green marked keyhole covering.



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