Invalid wayspot 美女戏海豚

Title of the Wayspot: 美女戏海豚

Location: 22.540411,113.966715

City: Shenzhen

Country: China

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information:

wayspot [美女戏海豚] 22.540411,113.966715

wayspot [湾畔花园人与海豚雕像] 22.543357,113.961821

They are the same object. Wayspot [美女戏海豚] 22.540411,113.966715 is a duplication with mismatched location. You can easily figure it out by comparison.

Wayspot [湾畔花园人与海豚雕像] 22.543357,113.961821 has the correct location. Wayspot [美女戏海豚] 22.540411,113.966715 is the one with mismatched location. Please mark Wayspot [美女戏海豚] as duplication.

I went to wayspot [湾畔花园人与海豚雕像] 22.543357,113.961821 and took some photo. You can see via link below. They can prove the correct location of the object.

photo album:



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