Change location >50m

Title of the Wayspot: "S/E Notre Dame - CPFL"

Current Location: -22.895168,-47.000618

New Location: -22.894236, -46.996975

City: Campinas, SP

Country: Brazil


This wayspot is an automatically created or imported (?), without photo, and incorrect location.

OBS: There are a lot of these wayspots on the region. Where they came from? All without photos, and most of them on the wrong place. Is there a guideline about them, and how to proceed? Thank you.


By the Title: "S/E Notre Dame - CPFL", it is the CPFL Power Station, 300m away from the current location:

The correction:

Streetview of the correct place:


I've already summited a photo, today.

I've tried to request the change by the form:


But it seems it's not working anymore.

Thank you.



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