Question about trailmarks for eligibility

Hello there wayfarer community. I have a question thats on my mind for the past few days.

I get lately a lot of nominations of trail markers for walking and bycicle. Though it should be valid wayspots because they influence walking etc , working on health , discovering intresting spots in your neighbourhood or somewhere else.

In Belgium and other country's there are a lot of walking gathering points. Diffrent walking routes come together at that point to navigate to a new number

This are to my oppinion good wayspots. Now though there are also other trailmarkers that lead to the gathering spots

Those trail markers are scattered around near intersection points , those or more common to spot and to nominate , what on my oppinion is a mass productive poi, also its hard for a nominator, those are eager to become nominated as a double.

What is all of your oppinion?

Thanks for taking your time for reading , submitting your reactions.


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