The three that got away.... Failure #1

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So just got back from vacation and of the 8 POIs I submitted, 3 failed..... Any advice is always appreciated.


Failure #1: This one I was unsure of. Its a trail with a little branch off to river. Has anyone ever used trail intersections without man made objects as waypoints?

Fishing trail and point

Harrison Township MI



Rejection Criteria

Mismatched Location

Other Rejection Criteria


Fishing trail down to the Clinton River off of the Clinton River Spillway trail


26710 Ballard St, Harrison Twp, MI 48045, USA

Supplemental Information

Nice point along trail for exploration. People can use the small trail down to the river. The paved trail in the supporting photo is part of Clinton River Spill Way Trail which is part of a very large trail system called the Michigan Freedom Trail. This link is to the map (can google Michigan Freedom Trail map if you dont want to click link) you will notice in the bottom right in red lettering the "Clinton River Spill Way Bike Path". This would be a good anchor point as a connection and explore to fishing point and river below.


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