Getting mass rejections

Dear @NianticCasey-ING, @NianticGiffard and the rest of Niantic team,

I wouldn't tag you if this wasn't important. I'm a player for nearly a year now and a Wayfarer for somewhat less. I love the idea of the wayfarer, my first goal was to get to level 38 in PoGo so I can be a part of the wayfarer community and I spent many hours adding pokestops and info on the OpenStreetMap so we can have a better playing experience. I've seen that you are very helpful in assisting players so I also kindly ask you to look at this matter.

Recently, I've been getting mass rejections in Wayfarer. It's not just 1 or 2... I'm getting rejections on a ton of nominations. I have tried re-posting some of them, listing more information and adding photospheres and links but it's clear that the reviewers are ignoring everything and put random rejections reasons. As you see in some of them the reason is laughable. My best guess is either I get bots farming upgrades or players not knowing how to properly review a nomination. They don't look at maps, not photospheres, no links, nothing.

I can't keep re-posting all of them or sacrifice Pikachus to get a good RNG and have proper reviewers. I've literally spent hours exploring the area, taking photos, gathering information, etc... Please help me, I'm frustrated with this situation, I don't know what else to do.

I'm attaching information for 11 of my nominations I picked that I believe deserve an accept, a couple of them are still in queue but I'm expecting the same result.

Thank you in advance.



(Community Area 1)

Name: Πάρκο Εκκλησίας

Description: A park near the church.

Information for reviewers: The sign in the supplementary photo reads "κοινωνικός χώρος" which translates to "community area"


Supplementary photo:


Rejection reason: Face, Live Animal



(Community Area 2)

Name: Κοινωνικό Πάρκο Φούρκας

Description: A community park near the entrance of Fourka.

Information for reviewers: The sign in the supplementary photo reads "κοινωνικός χώρος" which translates to "community area".


Supplementary photo:


Rejection reason: Other Rejection Criteria, Natural Feature



(Community Area 3)

Name: Κοινοτικός Χώρος Παραλίας Φούρκας

Description: A community garden near Fourka's beach.

Information for reviewers: The sign in the photo reads "κοινωνικός χώρος" which translates to "community area"


Supplementary photo:


Rejection reason: Still in queue



(Garden Decoration in Community Area 3)

Name: Κίτρινο Ποδήλατο

Description: A painted old bicycle used as garden decoration.

Information for reviewers: This old bike was painted and fixed to be a decoration in the community area you see. You can see that's a community area from the sign in the photosphere nearby.


Supplementary photo:


Rejection reason: Temporary or Seasonal Display



(A park with benches)

Name: Παρκάκι έξι Πετρών

Description: A small park near the entrance of Fourka.

Information for reviewers: it's located near the entrance of Fourka


Supplementary photo:


Rejection reason: Still in queue



(Ceramics workshop)

Name: Εργαστήρι Κεραμικής

Description: A pottery/ceramics workshop in Fourka

Information for reviewers: A place where you can see and get handmade ceramics and pottery. Very well known to the community and a big tourists attraction. See more here:


Supplementary photo:


Rejection reason: Private Residence or Farm, Other Rejection Criteria



(Fourka's information board) - Resubmitted

Name: Πληροφορίες Φούρκας

Description: An informational board listing many useful stuff for tourists and newcomers.

Information for reviewers: It's near the central square of Fourka


Supplementary photo:


Rejection reason: Other Rejection Criteria, Mismatched Location



(Fourka's Amusement Park) - 2nd resubmission

Name: Sideris Park

Description: Fourka's amusement park.

Information for reviewers: The best place for kids and really popular. Google Street View is old! See satellite imagery:


Supplementary photo:


Rejection reason: Private Residence or Farm, Low Quality Photo



(Popular ice cream/coffee shop) - Resubmitted

Name: Bombolo

Description: A popular place for coffee and ice cream

Information for reviewers: Bombolo is very popular and it's one of the best places to get coffee and gelato ice cream.


Supplementary photo:


Rejection reason: Mismatched Location, Other Rejection Criteria



(Popular bookstore)

Name: Βιβλιοβάρδια

Description: A popular place to buy and read books.

Information for reviewers: It's located near fourka's river and it's a great place to get the latest books. It's the only place to get books at Fourka so it's extremely popular and there are always people there discussing about books. A great place to socialize.


Supplementary photo:


Rejection reason: Other Rejection Criteria



(Unique Market)

Name: Cool Market

Description: A shed transformed into a mini market. Includes a tree inside.

Information for reviewers: Do NOT try to locate it by street view. it's very old. See the photosphere nearby to confirm it's location. It used to be a shed that they transformed it into a supermarket. It even has a tree inside. Check out more here :


Supplementary photo:


Rejection reason: Private Residence or Farm, Other Rejection Criteria


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    No 1 - You nomination photo is just "green space", there is no "anchor point", it could be anywhere. Swap to the Supporting photo, which has the "Community Space" sign.

    No 2 - Same - as above.

    No 3 - Should be accepted.

    No 4 - Not eligible

    No 5 - Just benches - not eligible - you need some sort of sign.

    No 6 - A shop, you need to prove why this meets on of Niantics criteria

    No 7 - Should have been accepted.

    No 8 - Amusement park - looks to be temporary / moveable / a travelling fair. Not fixed in place, so not eligible

    No 9 - Gelato Shop - very hard to get accepted, has it won awards, why is it "better" than all the other ice cram shops and cafes in town.

    No 10 - A bookshop. How does this meet Niantic eligiability criteria?

    No 11 - A shop - how is this eligible. The sign might qualify but it will be difficult to get accepted / there are people in the photo, not allowed.

    "Other Rejection Criteria" = "Does not meet any Niantic criteria"

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    Does the bookstore host any events like book clubs/discussion groups, poetry readings, book signings, launch events, author meet-and-greets? If so, mention these and it should be an easy approval. (Don't lie about it if they don't hold events.)

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    Regarding businesses the criteria have loosen up, check what Casey's post here:

    All shops are eligible as they are the most popular shops in Fourka. The ceramics workshop is unique and not just a shop, you can make a pottery yourself so it's a great place to explore as well (it's a workshop!). I would post photos from the night where there are lines of people waiting there due to the popularity but reviewers reject night photos as "low quality" even though Giffard has told that they should be accepted if the object is clearly identifiable.

    For the community areas I could try what you said but as you see the rejection reasons for the first was "face, live animal". These are only 11 of what I consider nominations to be accepted and I'm getting bombarded with the easy 1* bots. I can't keep doing this.

    Please give a reason for No. 4, in my knowledge garden decorations are perfect for pokestops. Or do I need to prove the obvious that this bicycle is rooted there and I just didn't find a random bicycle and put it there?

    No 5 are not just "benches" it's the park as the names says. Look at the photosphere tell me what else to put there as a better photo. It's a large green area with trees and decorative rock gardens. There are no signs in this one, just a public park. I think I've seen posts from someone claiming that even an object that identifies a place is eligible photo but I can't find the specific post. If I do I'll put it here but I think judging from the photosphere a reviewer can see that this is a park and not just a bench area.

    Lastly for No 8 as you can see it's even a spot in google Maps. The park is there, probably with less stuff during off season (it's a summer tourist place after all) but it definitely is there and it's one of Fourka's bigger attractions.

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    I've replied to your comments but I posted links so it has to be approved. While waiting I saw some decisions so here is the update of the rest of my nominations just to prove that I'm getting trolls and have some laughs:

    No 9 new rejection : Mismatched Location, Pedestrian Access - Apparently the photosphere is fake, google maps is lying and the pedestrians are in a suit of armor while getting in this shop cause for some reason the sidewalk is dangerous.

    No 7 new rejection : Other Rejection Criteria, Temporary or Seasonal Display - Omg they found out that I made this huge informational board, placed it there with the machinery I have in my pants and I got it out after in my other pants!

    No 3 rejection : Live Animal, Body Part - For animal yes I admit there may be some worms on the ground and I think there is a fly somewhere. Now about that body part... I don't see a body, is it underground?? Should I call the police?

    Just in case it wasn't very clear I'm getting trolled this is what I'm dealing with.

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    Okey here my opinion on this nominations:

    Number 1: It seems like you would nominate the bench, the park itself would be eligible but really hard to get accepted if there is not a sign or anything. Most people probably decline because they see the bench and think you would nominate that, easy decline. Try to find a sign or anything

    Number 2: Once again a park is eligible in theory but it seems like you would nominate a natural feature with this hill, try to get a sign otherwise it's nearly impossible to get this trough

    Number 3: Could have been accepted but not an easy nomination, i can't read the sign but most people just see the garden and will think this is a natural feature

    Number 4: This is in my opinion not eligible, there is no sign to it that it is really a permanent object and it is a normal bycicle would also have declined it

    Number 5: Also not eligible, no sign just a few benches, nothing special at all

    Number 6: Could be a wayspot but really really hard to get accepted. You would need to convince the reviewers that this place is really unique and has something special about it. Did it win some awards or is it a relly beloved place or what is special about it, if you can not proof there is something awesome about this it won't get accepted and even if you can proof it still some might decline, so a really hard nomination to get trough

    Number 7: If it is a permanent information sign it should be accepted

    Number 8: This does not seem as if those are permanent fixed objects. Most reviewers will decline for temporary you would need to proof it is there all the time, and still some might decline for temporary

    Number 9: Once again, is there anything special about this shop? For me it does not seem eligible, you would need to proof that this is for some reason a really special place, and once again even if you can some reviewers will decline, hard nomination to get passed

    Number 10: Basically same as number 9, tell whats special about this bookstore but even if there is, some will decline

    Number 11: First of all there is a face you can recognize in this picture, so easy decline for that. Other than that once again same as 9 and 10 this does not at all seem like a special place, for me as someone who does not know this it seems like this is a normal store, if it has won 10000 awards for being really idk awesome or like John Cena won his first fight there and it has a sign where tourist go everyday and make pictures, maybe then it would be a wayspot but if there is nothing like that it is just a normal store and nothing special so no wayspot.

    Now out of this 11 nominations there was one i would have accpeted without hesitation and that is number 7, if the location is correct and the other things seem right. All the other nominations are either decline or really really hard to get accepted. Maybe try some easy nominations and get more knowledge about what is almost guaranted to be accepted and what is not. I know it is hard we all want to have wayspots near ourselves but some are not worth to put the effort in and some are just not eligible even when we wish for it and think they could.

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    One more comment on this. What niantic says is eligible and what reviewers accept is not the same at all. Hinking and Bike markers for example are even named as example for what is eligible yet they get declined very often. Also it might be that the ceramic store is a local sensation but you need to proof that since non of us is living there and able to check it out and as i said it is what it is some people will decline it at first sight, other look at supporting info and don't see any awards or anything that proofes what you are saying so they will also decline it

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    @Farbsturm-PGO Thank you very much for your detailed review. I agree with you that this is how most reviewers think. While for example Niantic has said many stuff reviewers just choose to ignore them and continue with their own collective ideology. I know this is a problem but I'm not trying to fix that, the only people who can is Niantic by altering the system or something since the majority of the reviewers don't ever visit the community to renew their criteria and seek the opinion of others.

    While I agree with your point the reason I made this post is that I'm not even getting the "normal" rejection reasons. Check the rejection reasons in each nomination and see that most of them are clearly either from bots or very very bad reviewers. I know we get this kind of wave from time to time this is why I asked Niantic's help. Imagine that I have reposted some of them only to get denied with more laughable reasons... I can't keep spending my nominations to get denied from bots or trolls. Also if I were to appeal them the "normal" way it would take me many months as you can see.

    All I ask is fair judgement for my nominations. I don't ask Niantic to accept all of them. I only ask that they take some time to review them and I'll accept their judgement whatever that is. Of course I'll try to improve my rejected nominations if they can be accepted when improved, for example with a better photo or more info, but I can't do it now since I'll 99% get rejected with a random reason.

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    I actually got some valid reasons after a few resumbissions and corrected some mistakes as but I'm still getting troll rejections.. Only 1 of the nominations actually got approved. I updated the photos in some of them but I'm still getting outrageous rejection reasons:

    No1: new photo:

    Supplementary photo:

    No2 new photo:

    Supplementary photo:

    No 11 new photo:

    Supplementary photo: stays the same

    I made some adjustments to be more clear that they are good nominations.

    The community areas are getting rejected with reasons : live animal, face, private residence... The sign literally says "COMMUNITY AREA". The trolls don't let go.

    The unique mini market and the bookshop still getting rejected with reason : private residence and temporary or seasonal display. Yeah I guess an alien ship moves the whole building every season...

    My nomination number is running dry by the resubmissions. Are @NianticCasey-ING @NianticGiffard on vacation? Should I ping another niantic member to go over my nominations? All I ask is fair judgement, even if they don't get accepted but just ban the trolls or something it's perfect for me.

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    Still getting rejections on all of them. The informational sign gets the "temporary or seasonal display". Community areas get "temporary or seasonal display" and "private residence or farm". Supermarket and workshop get "private residence or farm".. @NianticTintino announced an event that'll help real reviewers improve but nothing to handle this kind of bots.

    I've asked more people from my community and they too think its impossible for nearly anything to get accepted too. Do you have this problem as well?

  • thedx4-PGOthedx4-PGO Posts: 49 ✭✭

    New rejections for community area: private residence or farm, mismatched location, temporary or seasonal display

    New rejections for unique/popular shops: private residence or farm, mismatched location

    I have photospheres, I added AMA links, facebook pages, other links, nothing seems to work. Out of all these only 1 got accepted and only after 2-3 resubmissions...

    @NianticOtoStar or any other person from Niantic can you please look into this?

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    None of these are eligible. None of them should get approved. Even the info board that others voiced support for, it looks temporary to me, just an announcement about the latest round of water quality testing. The “community area” and “park” nominations are just landscaping and/or benches; not a single eligible subject among them. The businesses need really good supporting information, such as awards won or some kind of deep community relevance. Markets I have never seen approved by voters. The bookstore has a really poor image that looks temporary.

    You haven’t posted pictures of your rejection reasons (not that I speak the language anyway), but I’m betting most of them have “Other rejection criteria” listed alongside the reasons you’re complaining about, and you’re glossing over it. That is actually your rejection reason. “Other rejection criteria” is poorly written and easily ignored, but it means “does not meet criteria”. The other reasons are ones that the Wayfarer system kind of randomly pulls to the top, and they can be misclicks or errors. They’re not the result of trolls, but of poor Wayfarer feedback.

    Niantic is not going to fix these rejection reasons. This is a known and well-documented issue that goes back years, they have demonstrated that it is a low priority for them, and Wayfarer updates are already few and far between. The fact that you’re not getting reasons to help you improve as a submitter is not important to them. Putting aside the reasons you’re seeing, all these rejections are correct and you should not renominate them.

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    Woah what a super negative comment. Thank you for your feedback nonetheless.

    First of all I don't think you got much time into reviewing them because you missed some points that I think are pretty obvious. Regardless, I'll of course reply to each of your points in the order you wrote them:

    Informational board: It's not an announcement... That doesn't even look like an announcement board. It's a informational board made of metal and has a cement base. If you read it you'll see that except for the water quality it contains geographical info about the location and explains the subsea environment. Very useful for tourists. It's as informational an information sign gets. And even if it was just about water, wouldn't it be an informational sign? I'm sorry but I don't get your argument. Also I updated the supplementary image to this:

    Does it still look temporary to you? Still got rejected as "temporary or seasonal display". And no, there is no "Other rejection criteria" reasons.

    Community Areas: Have you seen the photospheres? There are big areas with grass, trees, decorative rock gardens, paths, benches, trash bins. What more do you need? The sign is the most distinctive feature of those community areas and it's edible. Please refer to this section of the Content Guidelines (link below) :

    Placemarkers for Large Areas: Larger areas like dog parks or sport fields make great Wayspots, but it is important to choose the right placement of the Wayspot that respects the activity it was designed to support. Instead of placing the Wayspot in the center of an open field, park, or other large area, place it at the entrance or where there is a visible sign or placemarker. That encourages you to approach the area to visit the Wayspot, without having to enter or interfere with the activities within.

    If you can suggest a better anchor point for them let me know.

    Businesses: I don't get where you get the "award" things and what you say. Businesses get accepted if they are unique or popular within the local community. Let me provide you 2 links that confirm this:

    Casey here is being pretty clear to me, even chain businesses such as starbucks can be a elidable pokestop as long as it's very popular with the community.

    Here is a more generic link:

    It clearly mentions that if a business is popular with the community it's a good nomination.

    Back to my nominations: All of the businesses I mentioned besides "cool market" are the most popular in the area.I nominated "cool market" because it's unique. It used to be a shed that was transformed into a custom mini market and the owner didn't cut down the tree but build the mini market around it. So the tree is now a part of the mini market. Of course I mention in my nominations that they are the heart of the community and I even provide links of facebook pages and google reviews.

    Bookstore image: Time has taken it's toll and the sign is somewhat faded but still clearly visible. If you look at the Street View that's from 2011 the sign is there. That bookstore is really old and really popular, a local hotspot.

    Other rejection criteria: I can post picture of the rejections if you don't believe me but all you have to do is ask. Yes, some of them list "Other rejection criteria" along with the rejection reasons I mentioned. I write the rejections reason in my first post and I mention "other rejection criteria" in some of the rejections reasons. If I wanted to hide them I wouldn't post them in my first post... Some of them have them, some not. Do you want to ask about a specific nomination that you want screenshots? If I were to post rejection reasons for 11 nominations + the repost times this thread would be filled with unnecessary images. Pick 1 and I'll post all rejection reasons with photos if you don't take my word for it.

    Generally I was surprised by how negative your comment was but it actually gives me insight on how others might see my nominations and why I get so unjust rejection reasons.

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    Okay, metal sign with concrete base I can get on board with, yeah.

    I’m trying to convey that getting hung up on the rejection reasons is not helping, because it’s not bot/auto rejection reviewers, it’s a bad Niantic system that’s giving you this feedback. The rejections are (mostly) accurate, even when the listed reasons make little sense.

    ”Community areas” lack a viable subject. A sidewalk through a lawn, a broken bicycle in a flowerbed, a hill of landscaping… these don’t work; they don’t anchor the nomination. The title ‘community area’ is also extremely vague and unconvincing, and the series of community areas simply numbered 1, 2, 3, 4 make them sound common and uninteresting. At least a name that is unique to the geography and a noun (garden, park, field, path, patio) that actually describes what it is would give it some substance. But these open areas normally are not accepted without a sign or a permanent structure to anchor them, even when they have good names.

    Businesses, you have to prove they are popular or significant or hyperlocal or what have you. Any and every restaurant nomination can say ‘popular place for the community to meet,’ whether it is or not. You need to supply some kind of evidence for its eligibility: positive Google or Yelp reviews (or both), the history of the business and why it’s relevant, or how that business benefits the community. A nomination of ‘here’s a bookstore that’s been open since before 2011’ or ‘this is a unique mini market’ doesn’t do it, there has to be proof or a story or some kind of engagement that tells the reviewer that this is not an average, unremarkable store front.

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    I agree with @X0bai-PGO "getting hung up on the rejection reasons is not helping, because it’s not bot/auto rejection reviewers, it’s a bad Niantic system that’s giving you this feedback. The rejections are (mostly) accurate, even when the listed reasons make little sense."

    I also love how @thedx4-PGO is defending the nominations to us - learning how to defend (describe) them when nominating.

    These titles and descriptions are very uninspiring. A sign. A community area. You're just saying "This exists". Existing is not an acceptance criteria. You need to say WHY people already stop by the thing being nominated.

    Occasionally you lean a little toward what we're looking for, by saying it's "popular". But you never say WHY or HOW it's popular. Reviewers have seen lots of fakes, so are skeptics. Give the reviewer motivation to vote yes.

  • thedx4-PGOthedx4-PGO Posts: 49 ✭✭

    My first attempts on the naming of the community areas had nicer titles but were rejected for PRP so I thought to made it as clear as possible, although I agree with you that the names are uninteresting. I hope that the latest niantic's challenge will make it so reviewers know better to accept parks without signs as they are acceptable by themselves.

    I agree with you that I have to prove by some means about the businesses to be accepted but I'm afraid that the reviewers are expecting criteria that doesn't exist. I'll do my best thought.

    I'm not really defending my nominations, I'm trying to say that the reviewers have a "collective" criteria of their own that contradicts with Niantic's criteria this is why I'm mass appealing them. Do I really have to write a paragraph for a park to be accepted? Parks should be an easy pass without much fuss as they are one of the most clear acceptable nominations (now even clearer with Niantic's latest wayfarer challenge).

    As I said for X0bai, I may have to prove further for the businesses that they are important and popular. Keep in mind though that my main point is not that. It's just that people expect criteria you see in big city centers with multiple same-category stores in the same building square. Not many people know what is to live in a remote area. When there is only 1 bookstore in the entire area it is important.

    My most recent example that proves my point is that even with the latest clarifications people still expect signs for parks even though Niantic specifically clarified: "Parks are definitely eligible Wayspot nominations, even ones without official name stones or signs indicating it as a park but are clearly still parks.". This is my main point and this is why I made this post.

  • thedx4-PGOthedx4-PGO Posts: 49 ✭✭

    @NianticAaron @NianticTintino @NianticLC An update on the nominations:

    Even after the wayfarer's challenge clarifications the community areas Nominations 1, 2 and 3 are still rejected with "Temporary or Seasonal Display", "Natural Feature", "Other rejection Criteria". I tried adding the latest clarifications both as link and text but with no effect.

    If I may I also want to add this nomination to this thread to be reviewed as it also got multiple rejections with the same reasons as the community areas:

    Nomination 12:

    (Park 1)

    Name: Πάρκο Δεξαμενής

    Description: A beautiful park in Agia Paraskeui with a breathtaking view. The hill along with some houses and the main road can be seen from here. At long distance you can see the sea and watch the sunset.

    Information for reviewers: I nominate the park, not the bench. The location can be verified both via photosphere and google maps as it's a documented park . I chose this area of the park as an anchor point since there is no sign for this park. Please check Niantic's latest post that allow this kind of photos to be accepted: "Parks are definitely eligible Wayspot nominations, even ones without official name stones or signs indicating it as a park but are clearly still parks. Similar to the one below, it’s fine to place the pin in the middle of the park and then take a main photo that captures as much of the park as possible. Keep in mind that signage or other obvious focal points are prefered but not necessary. A good nomination will provide evidence that the location is intended to be used as a park or open use recreational area. If signage is created after the nomination gets accepted, then edits can be made (location/photo)."


    Supplementary photo:


    Rejection reason (3-4 times submitted): Temporary or Seasonal Display, Natural Feature, Other rejection Criteria

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    It seems you replied in a heartbeat in my other thread as well:

    I have flagged your posts ofcourse since you are very rude. I would however like an explanation on why you keep rejecting my nominations. Have you seen the latest criteria clarifications?

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    Σου εξήγησαν από πάνω εσύ είσαι *** δεν θες να το καταλάβεις.

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  • thedx4-PGOthedx4-PGO Posts: 49 ✭✭

    Please write in english so it would be easier for other members to understand what you way. Also there is no need for you to be rude.

    As I said, the Niantic latest clarifications clarify that parks do not need signs in order for them to be accepted. As for the businesses I've taken many steps to improve the description on why they are important and I have added links and better descriptions to most of them.

    Also since you are Greek, if you are interested, you should join a greek wayfarer community to discuss the topic further here. Other Greek members are having troubles getting their nominations passed and I believe it's due to a misunderstanding or have not read the latest AMAs and the criteria challenge that explains most of this stuff. Join and talk us and see what the other members believe.

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