Description edit appeal: Néron 1977

Title of the wayspot: Néron 1977

City: Saint-Égrève

Country: France

Photo to support your claim:

Today I discovered that this wayspot,5.709405 had its description edited to "La croix est à droite sur la crête", which in English means "the cross is on the right of the ridge". Two problems here:

  1. this is just wrong, the cross in on the very ridge, as the pictures are showing
  2. this looks like instructions put as description edits in an attempt to move the portal in a different position

I already asked here to move the portal in the most accurate position, so there is no need to edit it, and trying to use descriptions edits as instructions for reviewers is clearly defined as an abuse in Wayfarer, as are invalid location edits.

Can we have the description removed ? Thanks in advance.



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