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Hello Explorers, 

I’m excited to share the very first Wayfarer Challenge of 2022! As I mentioned yesterday in the New Wayfarer Challenges! post, we’ll be hosting several challenges over the coming weeks that’ll be a bit different than we’re used to… and that includes the rewards too. For our first challenge, we’re focusing on something we’ve been hearing from you all and our Ambassadors for some time now: improving the Wayfarer Criteria. 

Wayfarer Criteria Challenge:

For this Challenge, we want to focus on the Wayfarer Criteria by further clarifying the criteria that the community finds most challenging… the most on the fence about if you will. This challenge will collect all of our participants' challenge submissions and the top three most submitted will be chosen to be elaborated on by myself and members of the Wayfarer Team.

To participate and put your top criteria selection into the pool, all you’ll need to do is log into Wayfarer, review contributions, and when you come across a contribution that you find to be the most confusing to you, take a screenshot of it and submit it to the Criteria Challenge Form (1 submission per person & must be another Explorers contribution, not your own). Once you take the screenshot you can continue with the review as you normally would. Make sure that your screenshot includes only the Main Photo, Title & Description, and Supporting Information 

Sample Screenshot: 


The Wayfarer Criteria Challenge will be a week long - beginning today August 17, 2022 and running through the end of August 24, 2022 (PST). At that point, we will close the challenge and form submissions.


  • New Wayfarer Forum Badge 
    • All participants will get a newly created Wayfarer Forum Badge on their profile 
  • 1 Upgrade
    • All participants who submitted within the same criteria as the winning top 3 criteria (from the challenge form criteria drop down menu) and review at least 100 nominations will receive an Upgrade

We’ll post the results in the community on August 30, 2022 and add it to the existing Criteria page as well. And that’s it! Feel free to submit any questions below and keep an eye out for the next Wayfarer Challenge coming soon after this one.

Check out the original post here.

Safe Exploring!

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