Wayspot Location Edit

Title of the Wayspot: 염창공원 일죽정자

Location: [Lat/Long]

37.558456,126.868802 HV59+9F Korea, South => 37.558793, 126.869267


Country: Korea, South

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim: [Attach photo]

Additional information:

This wayspot could not be created as a stop in 'Pokemon Go'.

The way spot of the 'Pokemon Go' game in the attached photo is the location of '염창공원 일죽전망대'. Please refer to the location here.

'염창공원 일죽정자' is located on the left straight line from the Hangand River view.

However, the gps was wrong at that location, so the application location was applied at the bottom of the normal. It is a 'wayspot' where you can see the beautiful Hangand River view. Please move to that spot.



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