Rewards for accepting PokéStops, as well as accepting Portals !

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The idea & discussion developed in this post.

I think many players are of the same opinion and also have good objections to implying and implementing this in the near future.

Up to now in PokéMon Go there is no reward for an Accepted PokéStop like there is in Ingress Prime where you get 1000EXP & a key of the portal.

But I find the comparison with the key very interesting and would make a lot of players in PokeMon Go happy. The fact that you can't get a key here is logical BUT getting a gift from the accepted PokéStop, which you can then send on, would be a great idea. Especially for the reason (which was mentioned by others), that you might have nominated a wayspot somewhere further away, in a place where you won't return so quickly, would be very gratifying to be able to save it in your photo album!

I would leave it open whether there would have to be additional EXP, I think 1000 stardust would be far more interesting for PoGo because it is more useful.

But rewards for linked accounts would only be fair, regardless of whether you nominated a wayspot via Ingress or PoGo, rewards should be received for both games if they are linked via the same e-mail.

Actually, I'm also personally a big advocate of reactivating the medal, which shows you your Wayfarer progress and you can see how many accepted Wayspots you have to answer for yourself (similar to how the Wayfarer medal does for checked matches). I don't see the justification for the abuse, which is why it was deactivated. The abuse is there with Wayfarer anyway, and you have to put in a lot more effort for Accepted Wayspot than for the "simple" review of Nominations. I think the win win is much higher here as you usually have to work harder to get an accepted wayspot and I see this as more of a problem solving for emptying the pool than lowering the level cap.

I think this is a good discussion topic!? Hopefully other members will contribute "objectively" to this topic as well!



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