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Are these acceptable, not chain ones but local ones, im looking g at submitting one

Opened in 2005, has 2 awards for best mma gym. It would need the social aspect and exercise aspect


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    Gyms like that are eligible. All gyms promote sports and because of that they meet criteria for being accepted. Even some chain ones might be POIs too.

    But it might not be accepted at first try, as some people might reject it. I would mention these awards in your nomination for sure, and I think you must make really good photos (both main and support one) for this nomination.

    I couldn't open your link, so I searched for this place on Google, and I found this site and I also found it location on Google Maps. It has only a pin on building, and on streetview you can't see this gym in this builidng, so you must make good photos to show it's location, doing photosphere would also help. I think it has a big chance of being accepted :)

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    I would say sports clubs meet 2 criteria (exercise and social) and are good candidates, and if yours has won awards then it sounds excellent.

    If the club has a working website link then add it to supporting information

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    I am so curious do franchise exercise business meet criteria

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    Yes, there is no distinction between chain, franchise and other businesses.

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    In this thread: Niantic answered that Gyms / Studios. Cut and paste from thread:

    NianticGiffardDec 3, 2021

    Interesting topic there, @Kaladin4Kholin-PGO.

    Please note that locations that promote exercise can be considered eligible Wayspot.

    The part where you've mentioned "If the purpose of a wayspot: Is exercise promotion, then a clarification needs to be issued that business’s that promote on-site exercise are eligible as long as they don’t belong to a big chain so reviewers know to accept the same way they would a trail marker, or sports field." - I'll share this feedback of yours internally.

    For the last line "Should a Dance Studio or Gym be judged like a Restaurant? Or should it be judged like a Baseball field or trail marker? Which is the more apt way to look at business that people exercise on site?" - Gyms/Dance studios/etc. business promoting exercises need to be reviewed as a place of exercise which is an eligible spot.

    I hope this clarifies things!


    The chain thing is always going to make it harder. We've had clarifications that a chain business might be locally unique and important in small towns but those always referred to things like Starbucks which were aiming for more "Gather" or "Explore" criteria which is more subjective and usually needs more context. It's hard for chain restaurants to be approved. In my local area, every ice cream place is a wayspot EXCEPT chain Dairy Queen.

    However, Exercise is it's own criteria and not as subjective (hence the clarification above) so I would assume Chain Gyms should be acceptible because you are not trying to prove they are special (gather/explore) you are just simply showing they are a place exercise occurs. But that will likely take some convincing

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    As I said above: Sort of. 3 Criteria: Gather, Explore, Exercise

    For Exercise: I tend to agree

    For Explore: Chains/Franchises tend to be less explore worthy

    For Gather: Chains/Franchises it's harder to prove they are gather worthy

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    True. My point is we shouldn't generalize. In general, chain locations are less likely to meet criteria. But we should evaluate each candidate on it's own merit. Being part of a chain is irrelevant. And as you said, with exercise businesses, there is nothing to evaluate. It always meets exercise criteria.

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    People don't avoid chain gyms. Chains can be gathering spots because if you have a membership and need to work out in a different city, it's where you'll go. Then you might meet people. Chains are more likely to have classes. People like the familiar and seek it out.

    Local gyms might have a fun culture but they also might be sad little places that barely offer any classes.

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