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Hello. I'm just curious. How long does it take for rural proposals to get into voting? I've submitted around 40 in the last 5 days (yes, there was a lot of work to be done) and only 4 have gotten into voting, and have been stuck like 2-3 days like that.


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    Since Niantic will not actually say what happens what follows is best guesses best on a range of reports.

    S2 cells of different sizes control the flow into and through the review system.

    first of all if you submit quite a number of POI close to each other at roughly same time then they don’t all go into voting at once. This prevents one small area swamping the system. Randomly some will go to in voting and they then effectively block the ones close by from going into voting until the first ones are resolved. Once they start to resolve randomly it will select the next to move forward.

    There is a larger area that determines the flow once in voting. If there is an already wayspot dense area within that, it slows down the process for the whole wider area. This likely to be what has happened where you are. You may well have some that are just outside of that area and they could move more quickly. An area that falls into low density overall recognises there will be fewer reviewers and it goes to a wider geographic pool of reviewers so it can be resolved quickly and help improve game play in those areas.

  • Hey @Aerohmus-PGO,

    Please allow me to explain this. The time taken for a submission to get into voting and to be reviewed may be affected by many factors like the backlog of submissions in the queue, the number of active reviewers in the community. Please be patient and you should see the status change eventually.


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    my latest is stuck since feb this year and is upgraded.. for me this system is broken and doesnt motify to vote to get new upgrades = waste of time only

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    I'm suburban - about an hour's drive from a big city. My closest wayspot is our neighborhood clubhouse, 1k from my home.

    My oldest In Queue is from Oct 2, 2021, and my oldest In Voting is from March 2022. Many others have things waiting much longer.

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    You can help facilitate the process by reviewing other nominations in your area. This will help clear out ones already in voting otherwise you are just adding to the backlog.

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    I was referring to the original poster who recently made 40 noms and wondering why only 5 were in voting. I made no reference to you but congrats on the reviews. Clearly outstanding!

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    I have nominations in the NYC area for over two years. It really makes you think it's a waste of time.

  • duskie2000-PGOduskie2000-PGO Posts: 10 ✭✭

    I have done reviews but yet to see any in my area. Everything seems to be 100s of miles away and I have changed my info twice and still nothing

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    Yeaaah, i've experienced this difference in treatment. In a medium city, submissions can take about 2 years to naturally resolve. I was more curious because these are in a rural area, so small it fits in a S17 cell. We already have some stops, but a year or 2 ago, submissions were going by pretty fast, hence my curiosity at the change.

    Right now i have 5 submissions in voting, some of them that have been stuck in voting for 2 or 3 days. This is personal opinion, but with the time it takes to get into voting, the voting process shoud be faster.

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    As I said above, you can do reviews yourself to move others along and earn some agreements. Do enough and you'll have upgrades which moves the nominations through fairly quick.

    I visited a local park and made 35 nominations in one day. I went on to review and ended up upgrading 14 of them over the next 2-3 weeks. If they were in voting, I didn't upgrade them. Fast forward about 3 months and most of them have all been approved. I've been back to the park and did an additional 45 nominations. I'm certainly ok with a 3 month turn around time although I have 5 upgrades currently available to use.

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