Location edit > 10m

Title of the Wayspot: Whale of WEM

Current (Approx) Location: 53.523200, -113.618799

New Correct Location: 53.521668, -113.619042

City: Edmonton

Country: Canada

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: N/A

Photos to support your claim:

Supporting Video: Here is a supporting video describing how the statue was moved to its new location

West Edmonton Mall Moved the Bronze Whale, Again! - A New Home for Open Sea


Additional information: 

The Whale of WEM gym has been a popular Wayspot for trainers to raid at in Edmonton for at least 5+ years. However, the location in West Edmonton Mall where the statue was located was renovated during the pandemic to put in a Toyota dealership, and the statue has been moved to a new location in the mall about 100m directly south of the original location.

When I was reviewing Poke Stop submissions last week, I saw that someone submitted a new Wayspot for Whale of WEM and I marked it down as a duplicate, so it was possibly rejected? However, today when I visited the mall I realized why the statue was submitted as a new Poke Stop because it was moved from the original location.

I tried to submit an edit of the location of this Whale of WEM gym within the game today but it would not let me move the gym more than 10m (new location approx 100m away within the mall)

I then submitted it as an “Invalid Poke Stop” today as well, but I’m afraid this is not the right channel to correct the location because the gym may be removed and all the trainers stats will disappear. (E.g. I have Victories 71; Time Defended 8d 4h 23min; Treats 84)

Is it possible for Niantic to move the location of this Whale of WEM gym to the new coordinates without deleting the current gym and resetting all our trainer stats?

Also, FYI a small detail is that the new Whale of WEM location is on the first floor of the mall, and almost directly underneath a Poke Stop called “The Rec Room” which is a business on the second floor of the mall.



  • NianticLCNianticLC Posts: 203 admin

    Thanks for the appeal, @GIZhou88-PGO! Based on the evidence provided, we’ve made necessary changes to the Wayspot's location.

  • GIZhou88-PGOGIZhou88-PGO Posts: 3 ✭✭

    I'm glad to report that 25 days after the initial post, the Wayspot has been moved to the new correct location.

    However, this Wayspot that was originally a gym has been downgraded to a regular Poke Stop after it was moved! It appears that instead of moving the coordinates of the gym, the old one was just deleted and a new Poke Stop was created.

    @NianticLC I am wondering if you would be able to comment on the following:

    1) Will this moved Wayspot be turned back into a gym, and if so how long would it take? Is the chance for it to get upgraded to a gym become random now? This was a popular and iconic gym for years that trainers would raid at in this mall, and it is disappointing that it is no longer a gym.

    2) When I open up this gym in my gym badges collection, it now just shows a spinning Poke Ball as the gym no longer exists. In my original post I asked "Is it possible for Niantic to move the location of this Whale of WEM gym to the new coordinates without deleting the current gym and resetting all our trainer stats?" Is it too late to preserve the previous gym stats now that it has moved?

    3) If this Wayspot is turned back into a gym, but our stats are not restored, does that mean we will then see two "Whale of WEM" gym badges in our collection? (One for the old location and one for the new location?)

    If anyone else has encountered this issue in the past (Gym downgraded to Poke Stop after location moved), I would be curious to know what happened and if the issue was fixed? Thanks!

  • Elijustrying-INGElijustrying-ING Posts: 1,564 ✭✭✭✭✭

    When you move a waypoint, the database is updated and the waypoint is treated as if it is. new. When Pokémon Go draws the information from the database it treats the waypoint as new and applies it’s cell rules as it brings the point into the game. This causes a recalculation of the cell affected. So if for example the new level 14 cell that it is in already has the maximum of 3 gyms the waypoint will be a pokestop.

    wayfarer has done its bit in updating the database accurately, it is down to Pokémon go so wayfarer will not respond.

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