Multiple Misplaced Wayspots

Hi there.

A few years ago, I noticed that the PokeStops at my local park had changed. Several Stops had been for memorials which were all located in one small plaza. Now they were spread throughout the park, and pretty far away too. In fact, a few of them had been placed where another stop was, only now with an incorrect image and name.

Now that I'm level 38, I can actually correct those images and locations, but there's at least a handful of them and another problem; if I correct those Stops by changing their location, the plaza is going to be very crowded, and the rest of the park will be empty. Alternatively, I can try to get them corrected by renaming them and giving them a photo of something that is actually there, but how likely is that to go through?

I could really use a recommendation on how to proceed with the issue.


  • JillJilyJabadoo-PGOJillJilyJabadoo-PGO Posts: 1,082 ✭✭✭✭✭

    If there's something else actually in the spots, you should submit them as new submissions rather that trying to change the existing spots. It won't be clear to reviewers what's happening if you try to edit existing spots to have new names and photos, and they will likely be rejected.

    After the new wayspots are accepted, you can edit the plaques to be in the proper locations. (Or before, or at the same time, whenever.)

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    Where I live, photo adds and name/description edits take 2-10 days. But new nominations require either an upgrade (doing 160+ reviews, so a couple hours) OR the nomination will wait 6 months to 2 years. And even then, it could be rejected. The only logical thing, is to edit existing wayspots to match whatever is actually at that spot. This is how Niantic designed it. Editing is more efficient than nominating.

    Submit a picture of what is there now. Scan it a few times (scans don't count right away, but eventually do). Submit a title and description edit. The description could include something like "Formerly a memorial plaque, this location is now a statue." Or "This statue is where a memorial plaque used to be."

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    You can edit the locations but I find the distance you can make an edit is extremely limited. I'm sure it's for good reason but as you said they are spread throughout the park. So (1) this may require multiple move edits to get the POI in the correct location and (2) by moving pins, the pins may disappear from certain games as you will likely put multiple pins in the same L17 cell or within 20m of an existing cell. Different games have different rules on if they will appear.

  • Hey @DasCombak-PGO,

    Great question! Wayspots should appear on top of the objects they represent in real world. Wayspots, once submitted, should not be repurposed (assigned to a different object).

    We recommend that you submit location edits to move them near the objects they represent. You can also submit eligible candidates from the other side of the park as new nominations. I hope this clarifies the confusion.

    Happy exploring!

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