Pokémon Stop Rejections DALGETY Bay Scotland

I’m starting to lose interest in this game.

I walk with a boy with autism to give his parents a break as it’s stress full and he loves Pokémon go. I’ve been developing the area in our walk to include mile markers. Year around planters our town uses as a community garden. A Rare post box. Everything is denied. I’ve sent hours working on Photos and descriptions to surprise him with the new stops when they are included. Everything is rejected. I’ve even based my nominations from similar towns and the information that they supplied. Still rejected, everyone at niantic when I ask for help couldn’t care less. Nick at niantic closes every submission I ask for help.

the reasons keep changing, some say these places aren’t there. But it’s on Google maps. It’s an inappropriate location but is on a safe grassy area. I’m at my wits end and keep asking for help. This based on what my experiences are is not a supportive community. I sometimes travel to Edinburgh and took Alan to Spider-Man yesterday and a trampoline park I gave 5 stars to is now a stop. But every day new rejections.

some of the stops descriptions I’ve seen are utter garbage and shouldn’t be accepted. But I’ve put in a huge amount of work and I can’t get this done for him. Niantic keeps referring it to players who reject them which if it’s true are benefiting from similar stops close to them. Who have no interest of helping develop a rural area and get players back in. Let alone help a boy who loves this game and it’s his on.y chance to get out and play the game.

you should be ashamed.

below are the stops I’ve been submitting

. I’m not naive enough to believe this will change anything. But starting to dislike this game very much and niantics inability to help.


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